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Yeah if they dropped the price $100 that would kill the resale value of the Mini.I think $50 would be more reasonable considering the Mini already has low margins.
I love how the source of this rumor was hidden in the second paragraph. Digitimes? I think I'll wait and see what really happens.
Good! Maybe fan droids will shut up for at least one day
The low cost iPhone will sell better internationally than the 2 year old iPhone 4.In the US I would think more than half of new iPhones will still be the high end model as it is today due to the high subsidies from wireless carriers.
Great post.I think Verizon's share of iPhone sales, and the US's share of iPhone sales, in general will be far higher than normal.It seems that the "free" iPhone 4 is driving sales on US carriers and other countries don't have that benefit.That being the case I think a 13% share for Verizon would be more realistic with the share at AT&T an other US carriers higher as well with international sales declining a bit.The low cost iPhone can't come soon enough IMO.
The problem is even if they do grow they're stock may still tank.Nowadays it's all about meeting analyst unrealistic expectations and if they don't they'll tank just like Google is.Sad that Apple has held off all of their big hardware reveals for the fall because there is no uptick for them in the near future.
I'm sure sales in the US are higher but international sales are probably down. People in Europe aren't paying $500 for a 2 year old phone. For us in the US the iPhone 4 is an amazing deal at $0 with 2 year contract. Far more attractive than the 3GS was at that price point last year.
True considering most of the top grossing apps on the App Store are "free" apps.I'd like to see a study that includes those in the metrics.
Good for Microsoft. I'm sure as businesses drop blackberry, iOS and Windows are on the top of their list. With Office 365 for iPhone though its probably an easy decision for them
These are amazing numbers for Apple and developers. I wonder what the impact will be when/if a low cost iPhone comes to fruition though. With all the new first time buyers will iOS's per day earnings go up or stay flat seeing as many of these new buyers will be lower income.
New Posts  All Forums: