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I'm still convinced these are fake.    Could even be red herrings planted by Apple in their quest to double down on security.   Will a cheaper iPhone happen? Yes. Will it come this fall? Very likely.   Apple has done a great job of keeping their largest projects quiet so far this year, up until the unveil, so I honestly think this year will have more surprises then we're expecting.    I'm standing by my prediction for an aluminum low cost iPhone this...
All good points.One thing I will say is the cost of components in general has fallen and this year is probably the first where a cheaper iPhone could ever work.Today Apple can use older components that are more than powerful enough for the average user.We see how they did that with the iPad Mini using iPad 2 components but still being fast and compatible with the latest iOS. There is no lack of performance for most users even though it uses 2-3 year old tech.If an iPhone...
Frankly we don't know if any of those "leaks" of plastic iPhones were real.Honestly none of them looked convincing. To me they are about as convincing as all of the "tear drop" iPhone leaks we had 2 years ago.Funny how there are always a lot of false leaks on "S" year upgrades.Anyway we can't say conclusively that a low cost iPhone will be plastic.I find it interesting that the original tipster from Foxconn made no mention of a plastic low cost iPhone in this report about...
What matters in the end is what Apple said, people know where to shop for the apps they want. When I search Google for "App Store" the top 5 results are all for Apple.com and Amazon's store comes up in 6th place, with Google Play further down. Even if the courts don't agree, "App Store" is synonymous with Apple.
If amazon were to fail which I agree is likely considering their earnings and profit are never great, Google or Microsoft even would swoop in to buy them.Apple will never be the only player in the book market even as the brick and mortar stores continue to falter.
Very interesting.I'm convinced the cheaper iPhone will be built with iPod touch components even if its not in the exact same aluminum case.Using the iPod Touch as a base and using 8GB of flash storage for an entry level model should get the price down below $400 easy and I believe they could do that even with a primarily aluminum case.
I can't see Apple changing the the name after 5years of the App Store.
  My local Borders was replaced with a Books A Million, which is alright. I prefer B&N far more though.   Best of luck to brick and mortar book stores.   I like a lot of B&N's concepts and ideas with the Nook. Allowing owners to read Nook books for free while they're at a B&N brick and mortar location was ingenious. If only the hardware had taken off...
  Google's too smart to do something this dumb.   Google would only be interested if there were a rumor about Apple buying Nook.
  Honestly iOS 7 makes BB10 look dated. Same goes for Android and even Windows Phone 8. Both look old next to iOS 7.
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