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Go home, softeky.
The iPhone 4 is doing a bang up job driving sales. It's a much better option this year than the 3GS was last year. My hope is that the rumored low cost iPhone continues the quality and high end appeal of the 4 rather than dipping in quality using lower end materials.
  I could see Apple implementing some of their "India strategies" in more markets. Those strategies caused a decent sales uptick for them, so maybe payment plans and buyback recycling programs will help the Russian market?
I wonder if they will change their tune when the "low cost" iPhone gets released later this year?   Of course there may still be marketing costs, but the subsidy would be greatly reduced.
This story is all fluff and hot air. Thanks AI for reporting.
I think what Apple can do with Prime Sense far exceeds what LEAP's technology is capable of.
Exactly. That's why I'm interested in the prospect of Apple getting the networks and cable companies to agree to ad-free LIVE TV.
Sad thing for Microsoft is that nobody cares.
You've partially proved some of my points. But here's a simple question:What's the point of Macs having Siri if Siri cant do basic task such as turn on Bluetooth when you're outside of a Wifi network?Having Siri on a Mac could ruin the "just works" experience. That's why I said Siri would need to be able to process basic task without being connected to the Internet if it were to be a quality feature on the Mac.
Yeah I could see this tech being used for full scale TV set.Maybe gestures could replace some of the remote control functions and the 3D sensors could determine where in the room you are making the gestures from?Kinda like Leap but with a greater range of distance and versatility.This could be the distinguishing feature to set the TV apart from the Apple TV set top box.
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