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What you're describing sounds like a Newton.
Is that a 9to5 or a macrumors link?
Agreed. Not sure the benefit of slimmer and lighter right now for the Mini.Maybe we'll see a price drop for the current model and a new A6 model? That would probably help them keep sales momentum even without Retina this time around.But who knows Apple may surprise.
Siri is currently web/networked based so I song see Macs getting it unless all of the processing happen off-network on your device.Macs don't have the luxury of being constantly connected like the iPhone. That's also why the Maps app isn't for turn by turn. It's mainly to look up a route and then send it to your mobile device.
I'm assuming that the reason they are adding to the team and delaying the launch is because they want to debut it with a flexible display like the patent.The tech for that isn't ready yet for mass production.
I don't believe this sensational report one bit. There's more evidence Apple plans to produce their own chips, than there is for this.
  It's true that Samsung or any manufacturer could come out with a smart-watch now, but many won't take the time necessary to get the concept right, hence why every smart watch out today is a niche accessory.   Apple has the opportunity to do a smart-watch right much like they did the smartphone and tablet "right". I believe if Apple can get the right combination of form and function we'll have another game changer.   As far as the competition rushing products out in the...
I think we may see an announcement of the device early in 2014 months before the release much like we saw for the original iPhone and iPad. Apple will build hype and awareness for the device creating the next "must-have" item for people. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple had an event in Jan or March to debut the device before all of the production bits are worked out.
You're in the minority.
And combine that with the launch of the iPhone 5S and likely launch of the budget iPhone all at the same time as well as iOS 7 and who knows what else!This is already going to be a packed product launching season. If a retina Mini were introduced itd get lost amidst the buzz of all the other new products.
New Posts  All Forums: