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I'd prefer to use an Apple product considering I'm on an Apple device and not a Google device.I simply don't want Apple to focus on beautifying an already great looking App, while overlooking Maps' real problems (and they are many).I don't think I'd be the only one rejoicing if Apple announced some major improvements to Maps data or a major partnership this fall. The app desperately needs it to be competitive.
When did having the most users equal quality?So I'm guessing you think Internet Explorer is the most competitive web browser because they've been ahead of everyone in users for decades right?
There were many great mapping companies before Google.Why didn't Apple partner or buy one of those companies? Even Yahoo has been in the mapping game far longer than Google. Why doesn't Apple announce a partnership with them just like they have with Yahoo Weather?What about MapQuest? Garmin? Rand McNally? AAA? Hell even Microsoft?I'm sure there are more out there that Apple could use to improve their product. I'd really like to hear an announcement or a partnership on that...
Agreed.I need concrete proof Apple has improved Maps DATA with this release and not just the LOOK.As you said Maps looks great but we need improved data as well as directions. Maybe Apple should partner with MapQuest or even Yahoo but the ways I've gotten lost with Maps is unacceptable.I cannot trust the app to be my default app after last week when I used it to give me directions to a county library and instead I ended up at a trailer park in the wrong part of town....
I don't think it will be such a bad thing if the new Mini is delayed.The new full sized iPad comes out with a Mini-style design this fall, and that needs some time in the spotlight to itself. I think it could provide halo for the Mini this holiday season.People will see the ads for the new full size iPad go to an Apple store or electronic store and maybe find that the Mini size works for them better.No need to release a major redesign of both at the same time.Exactly....
  Ugly.    The more I see these edge to edge concepts the more I detest them.
I've heard many first hand stories of people going to Verizon to buy an iPhone but being convinced to buy an Android phone instead.Tim Cook seems to agree this is a legitimate problem because he commented on their anti-iPhone practices at Apples latest retail meeting.
That's what they get for telling their retail employees to push Androids and turn people away from iPhones.
An article that has nothing to do with iWatch or iPhone. Hmmm ok AI. Keep the spin machine and link baiter humming
Could be because iPads aren't included? Are iPads included in the other reports?Also Samsung has phones with their own OS, Windows, and Android.
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