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If it has a retina display I would assume it would be an iPod touch with LTE.A55 megapixel camera8GB storageColored aluminum bodyLTE$349
I think we're all hoping those are cheap Chinese knock off fakes
Agreed.The should use candy coloredaluminum and maybe just put a small plastic panel on the bottom of the back like the iPhone 1 had.I think they should maintain higher margins on the phone because if the cheaper iPhone cannibalizes the more expensive just a little bit than that would throw off Apple's quarterly margins completely.I still believe the leaks are fake. We will not be seeing that plastic on the cheaper iPhone.
I hope you're not disappointed that the 5S will have the exact same aluminum case
I agree.Samsung seems to have shipped more phones this quarter but still saw their profits shrink. That probably means the phones they did ship were cheap android feature phones.The same would happen to Apple if they release a $200 phone.I'd rather Apple keep their margins high and release their cheaper phone for $300-400 as well.
If Apple can get into that price bracket without sacrificing margins or quality, they could literally double or triple their global market share overnight.We'll see what trade offs Apple makes for the low cost phone. I'm hoping for something more polished than what we have seen.What if they had an iPhone 1ish design with colored aluminum and a white or colored plastic window on the bottom for the wireless radios?That might look more high end than these plastic so called...
I'm surprised they didn't add still photos with vintage filters...
Well this will be a waste if 30mil when Appke moves on and transforms the TV market.
Well Apple will have to make all new dedicated lines to produce these plastic phones so it's not like there is no added manufacturing cost for these. An with the colors there are different dye processes that add complexity.I agree the cost of production and simplicity would be better than the 5 but I still don't see the massive 30-40% reduction on the end price without other features or specs being reduced a bit. But we'll see what happens I guess.Tim Cook is the supply...
I'm more or less suggesting that switching to a plastic case alone won't reduce the price 30-40%.I'd rather Apple retain their margins than giving these plastic phones away.
New Posts  All Forums: