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So all we can expect from the next iPhone is a better camera and maybe color options? What about new chips? What about NFC? Any new features?
I think I'm the only one that thinks a cheaper iPhone will have a smaller screen.    I could see a potential iPhone Mini with a 3.5 inch screen priced in the low $300s.   All the while the iPhone Classic will have a 4 inch screen ($649) and the iPhone Plus can have a 5 inch screen ($699).
The image of that iPhone in this patent appears to have a 5 inch screen. I'm surprised apple insider didn't post a separate article about that including new fresh speculations and release date info of such a device...
Isn't it unusual Apple hasn't had any major product events yet this year? They've been awfully quiet, other than the surprise 128GB iPad. I hope the 5S comes sooner rather than later.
Very fun yet still classy. I like these new ads
NFC would be a step in the right direction for them. 
If the price is going to be $330 why bother?   They could easily sell the iPhone 4 for that price this year, and I'm sure the 4 will look far classier than some cheap plastic phone.   iPhone 4: $299 iPhone 4S: $399 iPhone 5: $549 iPhone 5S: $649   There are plenty of people that will still buy the iPhone 4, especially in parts of the world where the iPhone isn't popular because of price. The 4 is still far better than most low end smartphone.
    I agree.    This rumor makes no sense whatsoever.
I agree.   The first few generations of the watch will probably be curved non-flexible glass anyway
Sounds believable enough to me.   I think an iPhone Mini is more likely than the iPhone "Math."
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