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  My local Borders was replaced with a Books A Million, which is alright. I prefer B&N far more though.   Best of luck to brick and mortar book stores.   I like a lot of B&N's concepts and ideas with the Nook. Allowing owners to read Nook books for free while they're at a B&N brick and mortar location was ingenious. If only the hardware had taken off...
  Google's too smart to do something this dumb.   Google would only be interested if there were a rumor about Apple buying Nook.
  Honestly iOS 7 makes BB10 look dated. Same goes for Android and even Windows Phone 8. Both look old next to iOS 7.
Is this a feature that could be used if we bought a car today or do we have to wait for the automakers to give their cars a software update to make this work? I'm in the market for a car now and I don't want to miss out on this feature?
Very strange patent. It almost seems that at one point over the past 21 years Apple had considered a Microsoft SYNC-like vehicle integration. I would assume they no longer are pursuing that, but if that were the case, what is the point of this patent?
I don't think it does anymore. I could be wrong but Apple brought the iPod touches screen up to iPhone levels with IPS last year.
Thicker fonts throughout the system seems to address a major issue many had. I wonder when they will change the lock screen arrows that confuse people on how to swipe to unlock? And I'm assuming at this point the icons will not change before release...
What Apple may do to increase the profitability of the Mini is discount the current non-Retina model by $50 to $279, and raise the starting price of the new Retina model to $379.Both prices would still be competitive and Apple could make the Mini line a bit more profitable.Such a move would probably be un-Apple though.
Add a plastic panel at the bottom of the aluminum backplate ala iPhone 1 and bam. Cheaper iPhone that's beautiful and high end and even harkens back to the fanfare of the iPhone 1.With Apples patents and research in battery tech I don't think that will be a problem either.
It probably wasnt until this year the cost of making more than one model made sense for them as far as components.A few years ago there would be no way they could make an "iPhone" quality device for much cheaper than what they were charging but now they are themselves selling an allGlass and aluminum iPhone with retina display for $449.That's a first and now I'm sure component cost and their economy of scale in manufacturing have improved to the point where they can...
New Posts  All Forums: