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Well this will be a waste if 30mil when Appke moves on and transforms the TV market.
Well Apple will have to make all new dedicated lines to produce these plastic phones so it's not like there is no added manufacturing cost for these. An with the colors there are different dye processes that add complexity.I agree the cost of production and simplicity would be better than the 5 but I still don't see the massive 30-40% reduction on the end price without other features or specs being reduced a bit. But we'll see what happens I guess.Tim Cook is the supply...
I'm more or less suggesting that switching to a plastic case alone won't reduce the price 30-40%.I'd rather Apple retain their margins than giving these plastic phones away.
How are they going to shave $150 off the price of the iPhone 5 assuming it would have been sold for $549 this year.I don't think a plastic case alone will be enough to justify the discount.
    Black with colors would also look like the Zune and Nokia smartphones.         No.         I honestly don't think this is the finished product, let alone the product we will see in a few months. I think Apple has many surprises up their sleeve with the so called low cost iPhone.
    The reason the renders don't look bad is because they look like metal, not plastic. The metallic shine on these renders looks like that of the iPod Touch, nothing like the plastic case leaks we keep seeing. So don't get your hopes up.
  I understand where he was coming from, but Apple doesn't sell the plain plastic MacBook anymore, and they haven't for 2 years. There would be no continuity in Apple selling a plastic iPhone as simply "iPhone."
  That would work if this thing wasn't plastic and candy colored.   If this looked high end like the MacBook Air or iPad Mini even, I would agree with your logic, but this thing doesn't look "iPhone" and ergo shouldn't be simply called "iPhone."   Maybe Apple will call it the "iPhone Color" or something to reflect the candy colored cases?
  I agree economy of scale could be a factor in the lower price, but I don't think that alone would result in a nearly 50% selling price reduction.
  I've postulated that they may use a non-Retina screen in order to get the price down and retain margins.   If they use a non-Retina screen, then the GPU only has to push around a fraction of the pixels (they can use a cheaper processor), the screen wouldn't consume as much power (they can use a smaller battery), and the 5S is more desirable (higher upscale means higher profits). All of those factor into major cost savings on this device, and I could see it priced at...
New Posts  All Forums: