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What Apple may do to increase the profitability of the Mini is discount the current non-Retina model by $50 to $279, and raise the starting price of the new Retina model to $379.Both prices would still be competitive and Apple could make the Mini line a bit more profitable.Such a move would probably be un-Apple though.
Add a plastic panel at the bottom of the aluminum backplate ala iPhone 1 and bam. Cheaper iPhone that's beautiful and high end and even harkens back to the fanfare of the iPhone 1.With Apples patents and research in battery tech I don't think that will be a problem either.
It probably wasnt until this year the cost of making more than one model made sense for them as far as components.A few years ago there would be no way they could make an "iPhone" quality device for much cheaper than what they were charging but now they are themselves selling an allGlass and aluminum iPhone with retina display for $449.That's a first and now I'm sure component cost and their economy of scale in manufacturing have improved to the point where they can...
I'm thinking the same, and I like your idea of restricting the cheap model to Apple stores only and keeping it away from phone companies and their over priced plans.The often rumored iPod touch phone may finally see the light of day.
I would love to see an iPhone Air as the gateway iPhone.If Apple can do what they did with the iPad Mini and reimagine thin and light that would be a show stopper.You realize what you're postulating is an iPhone 5 right?A cheapo 5S with A6 and 16GB? Yup iPhone 5 which will cost $549 when the 5S comes out, if Apple decides to keep it around.$549 is not affordable enough for most of the world.My thoughts on the upcoming cheapo phone is a phone based on the iPod touch....
    ^^^This!   When I first started watching the video I was convinced this could be the real deal, but when they got to their Android knockoff the whole thing smelled of a money grabbing headline stealing HOAX.   I hope Techdy enjoys their 15 minutes of fame. They'll be proven wrong shortly.
If it has a retina display I would assume it would be an iPod touch with LTE.A55 megapixel camera8GB storageColored aluminum bodyLTE$349
I think we're all hoping those are cheap Chinese knock off fakes
Agreed.The should use candy coloredaluminum and maybe just put a small plastic panel on the bottom of the back like the iPhone 1 had.I think they should maintain higher margins on the phone because if the cheaper iPhone cannibalizes the more expensive just a little bit than that would throw off Apple's quarterly margins completely.I still believe the leaks are fake. We will not be seeing that plastic on the cheaper iPhone.
I hope you're not disappointed that the 5S will have the exact same aluminum case
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