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Tim Cook cleverly only referenced the quality of current larger screens on Androids and didnt bash large screens in general. He left the door open for an Apple produced large screen phone.But I do agree with you. A large screen iPhone is not coming this year. This year the focus will be on the low cost iPhone.
There's only so low Apple can/will go on the price.If we are to assume iPhone 5 internals in a plastic shell I think $450 is close to the price we're looking at.
I'm starting to think these "leaks" are controlled leaks by Apple to throw off the competition and analyst.As Gazoobee said we strangely haven't seen iPhone 5S leaks or any Apple leaks in recent months, but all the sudden we see dozens of these plastic cases floating around.As Tim said Apple has doubled down on security and they have so far done a great job with that. I wonder if these plastic cases are Apple's way of throwing out a red herring to cloak what they are...
Maybe this will mean the end of the purported plastic iPhone. I can't see someone of Deneve's caliber staying silent on the sidelines if Apple were seriously going to release a plastic iPhone. This move by Apple solidifies their commitment to the high end and their commitment to quality.
^ thisApple has far more lucrative offers for schools and businesses than what we see here.
This right here hits the nail on the head.To all those complaining that the upcoming low cost iPhone lacks features that you had hoped for, the metal and glass premium loaded-up-with-every-feature-you-could-imagine model will still be available and is not going anywhere.Apple is just adding an option for prepaid and emerging markets, that I'm sure will be far nicer than these pics suggest.
That's essentially what this patent is for. It's an edge to edge display of sorts with the edges looking opaque like a bezel but still being interactive elements for the device.In one version of the patent it said the bezel could even become part of the display.
Bingo.A key demographic people here are forgetting is the fitness demographic.Check out this kickstarter:http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/syre/meet-syre-the-worlds-first-bluetooth-ipod-nano-watPeople want a Bluetooth wearable device to work out with while they are listening to music. That's something none of te iPods provide in a focused way.
I remember the days when the back to school deal included a discounted Mac, FREE iPod, printer rebate, and MS Office rebates as well.The times have changed havent they! But I like that Apple now simple includes App Store gift cards. It increases the value of the App Store and makes more developers happy students will be downloading their paid apps (even if students are using the money for games and not productivity apps!).
I think there are more uses to a wrist computing device than you guys are realizing. For one it'd be a great MP3 player to work out with. It can have a Nike app to chart progress and maybe check your heart rate and health as well. It also can be a great personal assistant. It can have a quick glance calendar with all your events. Your reminders can sync with it so that you can check your reminders and check off what you've done. Quick look notiications so you can check...
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