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  The iPhones main selling point to the average buyer is you DON'T HAVE TO JAILBREAK IT. It JUST WORKS. That's also one of the primary reasons people move from Android to iOS because it JUST WORKS.
The Retina Mini is going to be a game changer. I'm planning on getting that and the iPhone 5S/6 this year!
And the demands from analyst for a low cost plastic iPhone will now continue.
Some of those ideas are good but a lot of them don't seem like Apple at all.It seems whenever we are between "product-launches" people get the idea that Apple is in a lull. They only have 3-4 dates a year they announce new product.Give them time and they probably will surprise this year with things we don't even yet expect.
Am I wrong, but is this a file interface for iCloud?   That would be beneficial for iPhone and iPad.
We'll probably hear an announcement about this in 2 days
Interesting to say the least But didnt Jobs say on record that he ate more than just fruit? I could be wrong.
I agree.Apple seems to be moving extremely aggressively with the iPad. They are not letting Android gain a foothold in the market.They will probably surprise us with a full Retina Mini retaining its $329 price and a 32GB iPad for $499
I'm not a market genius but that sounds like stock manipulation to me.
  I've said before I'd prefer aluminum over plastic for a cheaper iPhone, but Gazoobee's idea for a unibody polycarbonate frame made in the same way as the iPhone 5's aluminum chassis would be a good solution also. Anything is better than the bulbous 3GS look or Galaxy S look.
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