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The Retina Mini is going to be a game changer. I'm planning on getting that and the iPhone 5S/6 this year!
And the demands from analyst for a low cost plastic iPhone will now continue.
Some of those ideas are good but a lot of them don't seem like Apple at all.It seems whenever we are between "product-launches" people get the idea that Apple is in a lull. They only have 3-4 dates a year they announce new product.Give them time and they probably will surprise this year with things we don't even yet expect.
Am I wrong, but is this a file interface for iCloud?   That would be beneficial for iPhone and iPad.
We'll probably hear an announcement about this in 2 days
Interesting to say the least But didnt Jobs say on record that he ate more than just fruit? I could be wrong.
I agree.Apple seems to be moving extremely aggressively with the iPad. They are not letting Android gain a foothold in the market.They will probably surprise us with a full Retina Mini retaining its $329 price and a 32GB iPad for $499
I'm not a market genius but that sounds like stock manipulation to me.
  I've said before I'd prefer aluminum over plastic for a cheaper iPhone, but Gazoobee's idea for a unibody polycarbonate frame made in the same way as the iPhone 5's aluminum chassis would be a good solution also. Anything is better than the bulbous 3GS look or Galaxy S look.
  I agree LM makes no sense for a sub-$500 phone. I was talking about LM in reference to the iPhone 6 which I imagine will be the next flagship iPhone.   I would love for Apple to use aluminum for the affordable iPhone, but if they use plastic I would hope it's tasteful, and not like the 3G/3GS.
New Posts  All Forums: