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    I agree.   Myself and many others would be spurred to purchase on iTunes more when the counter was on the website, especially knowing that the prize was so huge (relatively speaking).   Apple not making a big deal of this leading up to the 25 billionth, kinda makes me think they dropped the ball on it. Maybe no one was paying attention when they were at 24.9999999 billion? Maybe the milestones are happening so fast it's hard for them to keep up?
I was thinking the same thing.   I mean I can imagine Samsung makes decent margins on the Galaxy line since the phones are pretty much made of plastic and priced about the same as the iPhone, but the majority of the phones Samsung sells probably have margins closer to 0.   Probably a better comparison would be all of Apple versus Samsung Mobile/IT? Apple still wins regardless though.
  If parental controls are turned on then the user cannot even see 17+ apps if I remember correctly.   So this could really limit Vine's market and appeal sadly.
The spring time launch of iPad 5 seems unlikely with this out now. As nice as the added storage is it probably won't increase sales at all
  The iPhones main selling point to the average buyer is you DON'T HAVE TO JAILBREAK IT. It JUST WORKS. That's also one of the primary reasons people move from Android to iOS because it JUST WORKS.
The Retina Mini is going to be a game changer. I'm planning on getting that and the iPhone 5S/6 this year!
And the demands from analyst for a low cost plastic iPhone will now continue.
Some of those ideas are good but a lot of them don't seem like Apple at all.It seems whenever we are between "product-launches" people get the idea that Apple is in a lull. They only have 3-4 dates a year they announce new product.Give them time and they probably will surprise this year with things we don't even yet expect.
Am I wrong, but is this a file interface for iCloud?   That would be beneficial for iPhone and iPad.
We'll probably hear an announcement about this in 2 days
New Posts  All Forums: