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Bingo.A key demographic people here are forgetting is the fitness demographic.Check out this kickstarter:http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/syre/meet-syre-the-worlds-first-bluetooth-ipod-nano-watPeople want a Bluetooth wearable device to work out with while they are listening to music. That's something none of te iPods provide in a focused way.
I remember the days when the back to school deal included a discounted Mac, FREE iPod, printer rebate, and MS Office rebates as well.The times have changed havent they! But I like that Apple now simple includes App Store gift cards. It increases the value of the App Store and makes more developers happy students will be downloading their paid apps (even if students are using the money for games and not productivity apps!).
I think there are more uses to a wrist computing device than you guys are realizing. For one it'd be a great MP3 player to work out with. It can have a Nike app to chart progress and maybe check your heart rate and health as well. It also can be a great personal assistant. It can have a quick glance calendar with all your events. Your reminders can sync with it so that you can check your reminders and check off what you've done. Quick look notiications so you can check...
A great promotion for the iPhone. The iPhone 4 and 4S are included in the promotion as well, meaning you can purchase a "free" iPhone 4 and recieve a $50 gift card.
  Yeah, but you're phone also cost $649 when you bought it.
  I agree.   This phone is for those who haven't experienced an iPhone before, not for current iPhone owners. Apple will provide the features that best suit new buyers primarily in emerging markets.   A plastic case is easier to mass produce and if this phone comes with a China Mobile deal easier production would be a huge asset for Apple, so that's why plastic seems likely (again not my preference but still a realistic option). Siri is a trademark feature that has enough...
  I didn't notice that, until now. The device looks too narrow for even the old 3.5 inch screen. If this is real, I'm even more interested in what the final product will look like.This could be an iPhone Mini/Nano and not an iPhone Lite.
True!But I will say the plastic Samdung uses in the S4 looks nicer than the plastic on these supposed iPhone Lites.I'm sincerely hoping these are fake. I don't doubt the rumor a cheap iPhone is coming this year, but I'm hoping for a more inspired design even if they are plastic.
Well of course it's "ok" for Apple to do whatever the heck they want.I personally would prefer they avoid plastic in order strengthen their current brand ethos of using aluminum and glass exclusively.
I agree. This phone is for a different market and a different subset of buyer. The entire premise of this phone is its for people that have never had an iPhone or a smartphone before. They're expectations are different from current iPhone owners.Apple wants current iPhone owners to upgrade to the more profitable 5S so this new cheaper phone probably won't include any features that will entice current owners to downgrade to it.I don't know if the phone will have retina or...
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