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  Steve is not rolling in his grave because this is not what the low cost iPhone will look like.   I remember in one of Steve's first interviews after the iPhone 1 was announced for $499, he said that he wished he could price the phone at $99 and get it into everyones hands because it was such an amazing experience. An "iPhone for everyone" has probably always been in Steve's heart and has probably always been in Apple's plans.
FAKE!   Why are you posting these terrible pictures AI?   There is no way in hell Apple would ever make a product that looks remotely like these so called "iPhone Lites"
Let's see how much more intuitive tge design of the OS will be in the next release
It ranked poorly because there was little reference to Apple in the ad, except for the last line. People probably didnt know what the ad was for.
This study confirms in my mind the reasoning behind a lower cost iPhone. In the US its not needed but around the world Apple is in characteristically losing ground. My hope at this point is that the low cost iPhone will be something groundbreaking. Not just the rumored iPhone 5 in a plastic shell.
There were a few features in the camera app that were iPhone 5 only and not available to 4S users. There are probably a few other small things that were "5 only".As far as new must have features I don't know what's left for Apple other than NFC/fingerprint stuff. My own qualm with such features is that I don't think those are really highly desired features for people. People with NFC androids never use the feature and fingerprint/eye/face sensors have never been huge...
The options for an iPhone would either be plastic or glass.Cellular signals don't go through aluminum. So we could see an aluminum device with a plastic "window" for the wireless signals much like the iphone 1. Or we could see an entirely plastic back like the 3G/3GS.Glass is also a possibility. We could see a deosgb similar to the 4/4S, but production costs may be an issue at that point.It all depends if Apple is going for a $399ish price or a $499ish price. Both would...
My only hope is that the design would be more unique than just a plastic back. If it is plastic there are unique and creative things Apple could do with the design and shape to make it unique from the main iPhone. Maybe they could make shrink the top and bottom bezels of the device in the same way the iPad Mini shrunk the side bezels for the iPad? Maybe a tear drop design? They could feasibly make this phone thinner than the 5. iPhone Air maybe? If it just looks like a...
This year Apple will probably give the iPad 5 center stage as the must-have Christmas gift with the Mini taking a back seat. The mini may only be getting a processor bump and battery life improvements.
If only the HBO Go App didn't require a cable subscription... Why doesn't HBO set up their own paid subscription service, for those of us who would like to cut cable TV?
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