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At the time of the 3G release Apple also still sold the plastic MacBooks so there was less of negative vibes toward plastic at Apple. I don't think Steve or Ive would regret that design.Anyway as far as the new phone I do agree that I would prefer it not be plastic. Apple should find other ways to save on cost to bring the price down.I think most people would prefer a beautiful product with high end materials even if the phone doesn't have a Retina display. For the price...
  For one the iPhone 4 has 3 year old internals, hence why it could be sold for $449.   We're talking about a phone that will have a 4 inch screen and last years internals. How can Apple cut 40-60% off the price while retaining margins for this new phone. That's why I'm postulating Apple could resort to a non-Retina screen in order to cut cost and increase the desirability of the 5S.     I wouldn't consider the 3G/3GS anomolies considering Apple sold the form factor for 4...
I'm sure those same people wouldn't want the Mini weighing down their purses, lab coats, or jackets.   The Mini is the perfect size and weight as is, and that experienced should not be hampered for the sake of a Retina screen. When Apple comes out with a Retina Mini it should retain all of it's desirable features such as lightweight and small form factor.
Assuming Apple launches an iWatch this year in addition to a cheaper iPhone and iPad 5, I think we could see many record breaking quarters and the stock rise to new heights.
I agree with v5v.The Retina display is a luxury and I don't think it's essential for iOS 7. The iPad Mini has the same PPI as a non-Retina iPhone and apparently iOS 7 still looks great on it.Also how else would Apple be able to shave 40-60% off the price of the phone? A plastic case alone would barely shave off 10% of the cost.A non-Retina display would mean cheaper screen, smaller battery, it would use less GPU so a cheaper processor could be used as well.Unless Apple is...
I honestly think its more likely they'll withold retina before removing the camera for the low cost phone.As Tallest said the camera on the iPhone and on phones in general is a popular feature. Conversely the iPod touchs rear camera is a barely advertised likely barely used feature.Apple released a non-retina affordable iPad last year and I don't think it's beyond the realm of possibility that this new iPhone could share the same screen as the iPad Mini.It would be cost...
  Even if they look cheap the internal components cost as much as the iPhone 5.    There is no way Apple prices these lower than $399 and likewise there is no way anyone would buy them if they look this ugly at that price.   That's why these are probably prototype chassises or Chinese fakes. No way in hell these are real.
This new design is pretty much what I expect. According to the schematics it looks like the iPad 5 will be as thin as the Mini!   That's definitely an engineering feat (cue in Phil saying, "Can't innovate anymore my ass")!
  Steve is not rolling in his grave because this is not what the low cost iPhone will look like.   I remember in one of Steve's first interviews after the iPhone 1 was announced for $499, he said that he wished he could price the phone at $99 and get it into everyones hands because it was such an amazing experience. An "iPhone for everyone" has probably always been in Steve's heart and has probably always been in Apple's plans.
FAKE!   Why are you posting these terrible pictures AI?   There is no way in hell Apple would ever make a product that looks remotely like these so called "iPhone Lites"
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