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  The iPhone 5/5S's screen is already bigger than the 4S. Shouldn't that be enough draw for them since their all coming from 3.5 inch screens?   I don't see why everyone here thinks a cheaper iPhone needs to be put in some nasty plastic case.   As I said the $50 iPod shuffle doesn't have a plastic case why would a $300 iPhone?       I agree this what we should expect if and only if Apple made a cheaper iPhone.   Top grade materials, likely using iPod Touch internals. That...
  Plenty of people currently have NO PROBLEM buying the 3 year old iPhone 4. I would estimate Apple sold at least 10 million over the holiday quarter.   What benefits them is that the 4/4S don't look old. They still look fresh and have the iPhone look every knows. Because all the devices in the iPhone family already look similar its not going to have the problem a 3GS would have...     That would be completely unnecessary. If Apple designs an iPhone Mini, they should...
          I don't see any of what has been said as major OS overhauling features.   Most people on here are saying Apple needs to turn iOS completely upside down inside out and make it more like Android.   Honestly iOS is fine and there are only a few tweaks that would make it better. IMO Apple should strive to make the UI and functionality closer to OS X. I was playing with a Nexus 7 and I hated how they implemented settings on that device. Apple needs to do their own...
  I'm not against an "iPhone Mini" type concept, but realistically Apple could just continue selling the iPhone 4, after the 5S comes out, for $299.   Then theres not retooling or R&D at all beforehand.     A 5 inch phone could happen but Apple has proven they can compete head to head with Android without one.   Most people still buy the iPhone 5 over the Galaxy S3 when price is not a factor.   I think Android phones popularity outside the US is because then price is a...
  I don't know why Apple would go BACKWARDS and mimic the look and feel of Android.   That's frankly ridiculous.   The only place they need to look for inspiration for iOS is their own amazingly simply easy to use Mac OS X.   If they can figure out how to transfer some functionality from OS X to iOS (and no I'm not talking about a file system), iOS, particularly for iPad would be far more robust and complete.
  Agreed   Not event the iPod Shuffle is plastic. Why would a cheaper iPhone be plastic?
Only thing that makes sense is the iPhone 5S which we all already knew was coming.   iPad 5? Some of what he said makes sense, but I don't think Apple is going to ditch the bezels, unless the iPad 5 is as light as the Mini (not likely).   Plastic iPhone? No.   iPhone +? "Plan B" against Android? Now he's just making stuff up.
  I agree.   The 4 trumps every other "free" phone available by a mile.   Amazing build quality, beautiful all glass design, easy to use fast and smooth OS...   Plus it still looks fresh and modern.
  The shipped/sold debate is kind of foolish when we're talking about a difference of 80 million handsets between Samsung and Apple. No matter how you looks at the numbers Samsun SOLD millions more than Apple.   Even if as much as 30% of their shipped phones are sitting in inventory they still would have beat Apple in smartphone sales.
    Probably a better analysis of the situation is that the low end smartphone market (Samsung) grew faster than the high end (Apple)   Apple didn't have a "bad" quarter, but it was weaker than many expected. I do find it interesting how well the iPhone 4 sold this holiday quarter. The demand for cheaper handsets seems to be strong not only in the "3rd world" but also here in the US as well.
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