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  That's very interesting.   I don't think Apple is going to release the Retina Mini anytime soon, but if they were to release it later this year for the same $329 price, would they drop the price of Mini 1 to $229? That would be an aggressive way to fight Android head on.
  That's the main benefit of the Mini and I think that more than makes it worth the cost.     I've seen people carry Nexus and Kindle's in their pockets...   It's not pretty, but I've seen it...
  And if analyst are right it would give another job to the already overworked home button, and keep Apple ahead of the competition. Somehow.
  I know its a matter of opinion, but I've used the Nexus 7 a number of times and the more I use it the more inconsistencies I find with it. It can be very buggy with regular use and the OS UI looks like every other Android I've seen. I don't know why that seems "fresher" to some people here.   Its not much different from iOS especially since you have to still open their app launcher (which looks just like iOS's home screen) to find the apps you're looking for.   Not much...
Yup for most devices battery life isn't a big issue unless its terrible like the first round d LTE smartphones.As long as its more than 8hrs most people will be happy.
I don't know how every TV app works but a lot of the network apps require you have a cable/satellite subscription in order to access the content on their apps.If the apps weren't dependent on cable/satellite providers I'm sure more people would buy/rent content directly from networks right on their iDevices.Hulu Plus is nice but I think their service should be free as it is online. And I wish they had CBS content.Another side note but it would be interesting if Apple...
iTunes 11 is a breath of fresh air conpared to every other version before it.I'm just glad Apple had the balls to overhaul it.Gives me hope they'll do something similar to iOS.Of course the biggest worry is they'll have a Final Cut X blunder again but I'm hoping for the best from them.
I wish Apple still made Safari for Windows. That was my go to browser on my parent's PC.
Side note but I wonder if the future is each network having their own app that they upload content to, versus Apple having to demand networks to put content directly onto iTunes?Well I guess Apple wouldn't make as much money if it were done via app versus direct in iTunes.
  Definitely up to personal choice.   If you're not doing apps or games not much benefit getting a Touch 5.
New Posts  All Forums: