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I agree on your first point about Sharp winding down old tech screen and increasing production on we tech screens.As far as mind share? No young people love and aspire to own Apple products. The problem is price and that's why they buy cheaper devices.It's not that Apple isn't cool. If they had the choice they would have MacBooks iPads and iPhones. I'm at a college now and everyone I know has MacBooks iPhones and iPads and the people that don't wish they did.Only nerds and...
9to5Mac made mocks of an iPad with Mini Bzels. It looks good but it doesn't look functional.
iOS in a 13 inch tablet would be a waste. If such a tablet had desktop style multitasking then it would make sense but until then. No.
  I was surprised when I saw that even the local dollar store accepts payments via PayPal. This could be the next big thing for them, not TVs 
  Does Google Wallet take a percentage or do they just use established card agencies like Visa and Mastercard?    Are you suggesting Apple uses Apple IDs and connected credit accounts so people can make in store retail purchases directly from their Apple ID?    That would be interesting, but then wouldn't that turn an iTunes gift card into an "anything-you-want-to-pay-for-with-your-iPhone" gift card?   Also I would hope if Apple goes that direction that their system is...
  The analyst are doing their research but obviously none of them know what the actual numbers are.   I'm not of the opinion that Apple will have golden numbers next week, but I thinks it's funny that people argue over estimates and guesstimates from analyst that know just a little bit more than we know.   2 weeks ago there was an article saying Mac sales were down 5% then the next week there was an article Mac sales were up 5%. Honestly either way you look at it sales...
The maps issue won't die until Apple allows users the option to choose their default maps app versus Apple's being the automatic default.But Apple will never do that so the Maps issue will likely always be a thorn.Later this year when reviewers get their hands on the all new iPhone they'll probably say something like "This iPhone is a great step forward for Apple but it comes standard with their faulty Maps app. Buyers beware."
After checking out the CardStar app, it appears to be everything passbook was advertised to be but isn't. Physical cards can be uploaded and digital cards can be added all from the app's rich database.No downloading apps to add passes (which that process I've found to be hit or miss in passbook). And a large database of passes available for upload.Apple should either learn from CardStar or buy them, but Apple's track record with updating native apps is pretty sketchy. I...
I find this to be true as well and I still have a hard time getting accurate directions from Apple Maps.I haven't downloaded the Google app though. I usually just have to find my way around after Apple Maps leads me astray. I guess it's helped my sense of direction and navigation skills.
If they were to put the sensors for finger print recognition in the home button then all of the possibilities you mentioned are opened up.I would imagine that Apple could make an iPhone with a larger screen as well because then the whole 1 handed operation argument would be mute if most functions can be done via the home button.
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