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Give Apple feedback of this so that it will be easier access and more intuitive by fall.
  If you have the beta give your feedback to Apple.   Then the final release will be better for all of us!
  Ha!   I'm glad you're not head of marketing 
Sounds about right.   But, Apple would have to debut something awe-inspiring in the 5S for the cheaper iPhone not to steal it's thunder.   Even if the cheaper iPhone is slower, fatter, and has a worse camera, most people even on-contract would probably buy it over the 5S because the phones wouldn't be that different.
This is overall good news, as it seems interest in iOS 7 is huge.   That's why it's better to have a new controversial design than the same old design with new features. iOS 7 was a huge gamble that will pay off for Apple in the end.
Why is this even an article?   There are many mocking iOS 7 yet there's no separate article for that (nor should there be).   The new Mac Pro looks like an aluminum trash can, we all already knew that.
  Some of those icons are too different from iOS 6. It would confuse users more than the new icons Apple chose in iOS 7.
  I do like how when you press a key the color of your background shows through. That's a nice feature.   The call features look too Windows Phone. I think Apple could round out the call button or something to help differentiate.    Anyway as I was looking at more of iOS 7 today, I think the home screen icons are too big. The fact that they are bigger than iOS 6s causes some of the distraction IMO. If they make the new icons smaller and tone down the colors a bit I think...
  I agree that simply making the phone plastic won't do anything for the price.    But, I would assume if a cheaper iPhone were to happen it wouldn't be that much cheaper than Apple's current handsets. I could see a device akin to the 4S sold for $399. That's only $50 less than the 4S would be sold for anyway. Apple could figure out a way to assemble the new handset that's easier and cheaper than the 4/4S currently are, and that would help them retain their margins or...
I have a feeling the icons and overall design won't change much between now and release. Apple has proudly plastered the new icons all over their website, and I can't seem them changing the overall look of the new icons that drastically before this fall.   Honestly if the icon colors were more muted and less neon it would probably look fine, and that is all I'm expecting Apple to do as far as icons. With the other issues, they may adjust the font colors in some of...
New Posts  All Forums: