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  I think I can agree with this. Apple could have gotten the same new "wow" effect by keeping the old icon designs and placing them into the new layered glass framework.   The old icons just needed the gloss layer removed and they would have been ready to go for iOS 7. 
  iOS 7 is probably a sneak preview of what OS XI will look like.    Apple was smart not to change both drastically this year. iOS 7 will give pros time to get used to Apple's new look in time for OS XI.
The most glaring thing I see is the new "Slide to Unlock" that doesn't include an image of a slider. To new users it doesn't make any sense.Similarly the unlabeled icons in the control center KDarling mentioned.Then there's the hidden spotlight search.All of those changes make the OS more beautiful but at the same time more confusing.
After looking at a full screen photo of what 7 will look like on my device, I can't help but feel that some of the designs are a step back. Overall it's a cohesive new look but the new dock and some of the new icon designs aren't as nice as what's currently there. I wonder why they couldn't keep a similar design and just remove the gloss layer on the icons. I'm sure they could still achieve a similarly beautiful layered look and feel that way? But I'll wait and see...
Not sure if that's a better solution but the pros is that it frees up a page of the home screen. i wonder if they plan to place widgets or something there in iOS 8? The biggest negative I see is that people may accidentally pull down spotlight when they're trying to access notifications and vice-versa.
  Small error, but iOS 7 is compatible with the 4 and 4S...
Another quick note.   Who else thinks that the new "Slide to Unlock" is going to confuse a lot of first time users and older people?
The OS is very elegant and I believe it will look even better once in your hand.   I see why the icons had to be made flat in order to represent the new glass-like layers of the OS better. Only icon that could use improvement is Safari, but at the same time I don't know what they could do with it?   Anyway it's funny how Jony Ive and others downed skeuomorphism of past iOSs that made some of the graphical elements look like real life things. Jony Ive essentially...
I love the new OS and the new features are going to make my 4S feel like an entirely new phone!   I'm excited for the 5S later this year.
  I don't think Apple should discount last years model any more than they do because that would hurt resale.   It seems that this year Apple's only option for a lower cost phone is to make a new one from scratch since the 4/4S are outdated with their 30pin connectors, and are now Apple's only products (excluding the iPod Classic) sold with the 30pin connectors.   All that to say, most signs are pointing to a new low cost iPhone. My wish would be that the low cost iPhone...
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