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 That's not iOS 8. It's fake and that can be proven by the irregularities in the OS. I don't doubt that the final iPhone will look similar to this, but trust me, NO ONE has gotten their hands on a working device this year before the event, which is good for Apple. Tim Cook didn't lie when he said they were doubling down on secrecy.
Nothing to see here folks...
 Inductively or wirelessly. I think that's the only way for Apple to achieve the practical thinness needed for a wrist worn device. Also I doubt there will be any sort of audio jack.
 I edited my post. Sorry my initial post was made on my iPhone with AI's terrible iPhone App.
 With Apple likely, wanting the iWatch to appeal to a variety of people, I doubt something like this would be it. I honestly don't think women would like anything that looked remotely like that, and the watch face itself is far too large. By the way no one will be watching movies on the thing.
There won't be any visible connectors on the iWatch at all.
I have no idea why AI even posted this when it was proven to be a fake HOURS ago.  The REAL iPhone 6 will be unveiled in a little more than 2 days from now.  Everyone just be PATIENT
The 5S couldn't have had NFC because of the metal body. Apple had to redesign the chassis to make NFC work, hence why it's being released this year in the redesigned iPhone 6.
Although this system will not be compatible with the 5S, many believe the iWatch will also have NFC.That means you could purchase an iWatch, keep your 5S, and still take advantage of apples new payment system.
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