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  According to the Patent this E-Wallet App would use NFC.   So it appears we may see NFC in a future iPhone, hopefully this year.
I like the size and form factor of the Nexus 7 but its no where near as polished as the iPad. All of the apps my friends had on his are stretched phone apps that look pixelated and the touch response of the device was hit or miss. Lack of OS smoothness couples with the other issues make the iPad worth the extra cost to me, because you get what you pay for the with the Nexus 7.
Why would you want the screen to curve away? That'd probably be very uncomfortable to hold up to your ear.
  Some would say "S" stood for "Siri" in the 4S.   If these finger print rumors are true, "S" will probably stand for Security this time around.
  Just like everything else Apple would give you the option to use it or not use it.
  dumb.   If anything they'll offer an 8GB model again.
I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it at the Apple store. In pics it looks very bulgy and thick, but surprisingly in person it look more like Apple's fab shots on their website, I was shocked.   It literally at most angles looks 5MM thin and when you turn to the side it tapers very nicely and not as abruptly as it appears in web shots.
  Well if want a computer thats stuck in 1999 you can get a Dell. I hear they're pretty cheap too!
    That would be the perfect use of Passbook, especially in its current form. The only problem is retailers have been extremely lukewarm about Passbook adoption.   Walgreens is the only one that currently has their rewards store card available on passbook. If most national retailers would hop on the bandwagon and have their store cards (in particular grocery stores) that would make Passbook so much more useful.   And it has nothing to do with Apple's 30% cut. They are...
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