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The OS is very elegant and I believe it will look even better once in your hand.   I see why the icons had to be made flat in order to represent the new glass-like layers of the OS better. Only icon that could use improvement is Safari, but at the same time I don't know what they could do with it?   Anyway it's funny how Jony Ive and others downed skeuomorphism of past iOSs that made some of the graphical elements look like real life things. Jony Ive essentially...
I love the new OS and the new features are going to make my 4S feel like an entirely new phone!   I'm excited for the 5S later this year.
  I don't think Apple should discount last years model any more than they do because that would hurt resale.   It seems that this year Apple's only option for a lower cost phone is to make a new one from scratch since the 4/4S are outdated with their 30pin connectors, and are now Apple's only products (excluding the iPod Classic) sold with the 30pin connectors.   All that to say, most signs are pointing to a new low cost iPhone. My wish would be that the low cost iPhone...
I wonder why they wouldn't just make a case design similar to the Touch and iPhone 1G.I understand that the iPhone 5 has a complicated case manufacturing process which probably adds to cost but what about a simpler aluminum design with a plastic "window" for the wireless radios, similar to the iPhone 1G and iPod touch?But maybe Apple would use plastic as a differentiation from the 5, but I'm afraid that such a differentiation could cheapen Apple's brand.
3GS reincarnate. And no one wants to see an array of colorful PLASTIC phones. No one.
  Apple may do that this year in order to get the entire product line moved over to Lightning and 4 inch screens, but at the same time I would hope they don't dilute their image with a plastic body iPhone.   My last comment about the iPhone being an accessory was more long term. In the near future smartphones will probably continue as they are, but long term more tech will become wearable and smaller including the iPhone. Apple will probably be one of the first pioneering...
  I think this points to the discontinuation of the iPhone 4 and 4S.   If that's the case it leaves room for a new handset at the $449/$0 price, whatever that ends up looking like. This year I would presume Apple plans to finally move all of their currently sold products to Lightning.
  That does make me wonder why Apple didn't just do this at launch.   Instead of keeping around the 2 year old model, they could have at launch just had the new models starting at $229. I doubt prices of components changed much between then and now. I guess, they did it so they could make higher margins during the Christmas holiday.
  Awhile ago someone here proposed the future may be a wireless earpiece with full cellular capabilities. Such a device could link with an iPad, Mac, or "iWatch" and be used to make phone calls whilst being operated by those larger devices.   That could be Apple's answer for a low end "iPhone" and goes into the entire wearable tech dialog Tim was talking about. The future of the iPhone could be an accessory to an iPad, Mac, or Watch.   We'll see, but a plastic phone with...
That's surprising. I thought Apple reached that milestone with the Touch awhile ago. Anyway, the new $229 model was a good move, and I think we'll see something similar with the iPhone this year. No more 3.5 inch models with 30 pin connectors. Everything is moving to 4 inch and Lightning.
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