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    I agree.    This rumor makes no sense whatsoever.
I agree.   The first few generations of the watch will probably be curved non-flexible glass anyway
Sounds believable enough to me.   I think an iPhone Mini is more likely than the iPhone "Math."
That's interesting but according to the patent the screen on Apple's actual device is going to be continuous unlike the Philips concept.Honestly the device Apple is envisioning wont look like anything else we've seen.
Thicker? Not interested
I agree the CST has it's drawbacks.   But I wouldn't be surprised if Apple's Watch-concept looks similar to the CST.    I'm just glad that it'll look more like a band than like the old Nano or the Pebble. 
I'm personally glad that it's looking like this rather than like the old Nano or Pebble.This slap on concept has a lot more screen space and an overall cooler look.If it looks like this I'll be in line to buy one:http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1655017763/cst-01-the-worlds-thinnest-watch
This is dumb. Analyst also expected the iPad mini to debut at $199 which it obviously didnt. As far as Apple making a feature phone, I don't see a market for that today. 5 years ago maybe but today smartphones are the norm and people expect all of that functionality.
Apple just came out with a 128GB iPad 2 weeks ago. No redesign is coming for at least another 6 months. If anything comes out this spring it'll probably be the rumored watch.
That's all never gonna happen.Why in the world would Apple make a phone identical to the 5 or with a larger screen than the 5 and sell it for half the price?That's a ridiculous assumption that they would do that to price match the Nexus of which is selling poorly.The cheaper iPhone I would assume will either have a smaller screen or a crappier screen. I personally prefer smaller high quality over a 4 inch low quality screen.
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