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The image of that iPhone in this patent appears to have a 5 inch screen. I'm surprised apple insider didn't post a separate article about that including new fresh speculations and release date info of such a device...
Isn't it unusual Apple hasn't had any major product events yet this year? They've been awfully quiet, other than the surprise 128GB iPad. I hope the 5S comes sooner rather than later.
Very fun yet still classy. I like these new ads
NFC would be a step in the right direction for them. 
If the price is going to be $330 why bother?   They could easily sell the iPhone 4 for that price this year, and I'm sure the 4 will look far classier than some cheap plastic phone.   iPhone 4: $299 iPhone 4S: $399 iPhone 5: $549 iPhone 5S: $649   There are plenty of people that will still buy the iPhone 4, especially in parts of the world where the iPhone isn't popular because of price. The 4 is still far better than most low end smartphone.
    I agree.    This rumor makes no sense whatsoever.
I agree.   The first few generations of the watch will probably be curved non-flexible glass anyway
Sounds believable enough to me.   I think an iPhone Mini is more likely than the iPhone "Math."
That's interesting but according to the patent the screen on Apple's actual device is going to be continuous unlike the Philips concept.Honestly the device Apple is envisioning wont look like anything else we've seen.
Thicker? Not interested
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