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Without China Mobile iPhone sales and growth is stagnating. It's not shrinking but there's just not much room to grow.
  They'll probably do that or add Settings to the NC. I imagine they could add a Settings Widget that could be turned on or off to the NC. Or they could add some settings to the Multitasking Bar. Anything thats fast and accessible from any app would be better than what we have now.
  It's ironic they got as much press for this report after just reporting blatant lies and false assumptions about a $99 iPhone.
Either a 5% decline or rise, I think we can all agree Mac sales are flat, in a shrinking PC market.
  Swipe up was demonstrated in this video concept that came out before the iPhone 5 was announced at about 1:55 in. Pretty nifty looking but I'm not sure how practical it would be especially with games and such.         I agree, that the multitasking bar would be a great place to put settings instead of Media Controls.
So is it "weaker-than-expected" demand or a potential mid-cycle refresh or the addition of a cheaper handset? AI, you can't say one thing in the title then a completely different scenario in the article. It's confusing. But whatever, the stock will be sure to drop tomorrow.
I agree that smart Wifi in the OS would be awesome and would help save so much battery life. If Apple doesn't make it something thats system level, the ability to turn it on/off faster would be great.Also you currently CAN make your iPhone flash whenever you get a notification similar to android. Settings > General > Accessibility > LED Flash for Alerts > On.
I don't think it has to do with complexity. It's done pretty simply and seamlessly on Mac.I would assume that if you turned your device completely off you would be asked to choose an account when you turn it back on and when you go to turn your device off your given the option to shut down or log out of account. Pretty simple.They may add the feature one day. I think it'd be especially useful in education.
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