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Technically all of the cost or R&D and production have already been absorbed by the older models so that could be more profitable to them.
      Probably the fact that the iPhone has a unified look and experience no matter which model you get.   Average consumers have a hard time telling a 4 apart from a 5 (sad I know) much less a 4 from 4S. Now people of al budgets can get the "iPhone" they always wanted and dreamed of having for any price. And I'm sure 90% of people that bought 4/4Ss were first timers or Android/RIM switchers so it's all good.   As was explained earlier this probably isn't hurting their...
  They could have but... They're still selling the iPad 2 for $399 and people are STILL BUYING THEM! Pure profit! 
  I agree with some of what you said.   Now would be the optimum time for Apple to add an "iPhone Min.i" I expect such a device to be a repackaged iPhone 4S. They'll probably remove the pricy and easily damaged glass back and replace it with either iPod style aluminum or as WSJ says polycarbonate plastic and add a lightning connector as well.   I imagine removing the glass back panel alone and using newer screen and battery technology should help it trim some weight, and...
  Of course they backpedalled on that claim.   It was outrageously ridiculous.   Why would a larger screened iPhone be CHEAPER?   What kind of logic is that? Is the iPad 2 cheaper than the iPad Mini???
Is low powered Bluetooth currently in the majority of point of sale computers and devices retailers use?My concern with Apple using something different than NFC is slow adoption to Apples specific standard. At that point it would be pointless.If Apple wants a splash their system needs to be compatible with current point of sale standards so that it can be rapidly adopted by consumers. Then Apple could make a profit off the system.
And yet the iPad still had majority market share globally.Anyway the kindle hurt the Nexus and other Android tablets more than the iPad (same story as last year pretty much)
I guess a 4 inch screen WAS the sweet spot and there ISN'T a mass exodus because Apple doesn't offer 5 inch screens. I mean I'm open to Apple expanding the iPhone lineup but let's not get asinine and think Apple NEEDS to for their survival. They're doing just fine. If they expanded the iPhone brand it would be to provide a new unique experience for customers not because the competition is eating their lunch.
  An iPhone with a 4.8 inch screen would essentially look exactly the same as the Galaxy S3 from the front. Square off the corners slightly and make the home button round and you pretty much have a 4.8 inch iPhone. Exact same height width and everything.
          What I find hilarious is that 1 year ago, when all we had was the iPhone 4S, numerous Apple fan sites conducted polls on how large should Apple make the iPhone screen and there was a WIDE consensus at the time that 4 inches was perfect. A lot of people would have been content with 3.7 inches at the time.   Well Apple gave us an iPhone with a 4 inch screen and what do we do? Complain and say it's not big enough!   Now today you people are saying 4 inches is too...
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