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  I agree with you on Passbook.   Great concept horrible execution.
  The Surface is a joke. The Surface RT doesn't run Windows Apps so it's a non-starter, and the Surface Pro is thicker and heavier than a MacBook Air.   Great news for you. The iPhone 5 is outselling the Galaxy S3, so I guess that means Apple has nothing they need to change?
  A cheaper iPhone does make a lot of sense, but I doubt they'll ever make one rugged enough for dirt biking    There are a few plastic iPhone mockups online that look very Apple-esque. I wouldn't be surprised if they released something akin to this:     Classic 3.5 inch Retina screen, thin tear drop design coupled with a $299 price (for 8GB, each storage upgrade would be Apple's typical $100 upcharge) and this could be a hit.
      The idea of a plastic phone isn't so bad. Of course beautiful phones can be made of plastic like the Galazy S3.   But the idea of a "redesigned" plastic iPhone 5 thats cheaper doesn't add up at all. Who would buy the 5S is the 5 does almost everything for half the price. If Apple is going to make a cheaper phone it needs to have a greater differentiation from their flagship phone, hence why I suggested designed from the ground up.   But even if Apple took an iPhone...
Most plausible rumor all week.
Even if he ends up 50/50 he's still more reliable than every other analyst combined.
Apple doesn't have to replace passwords everywhere. Maybe they could just use auto fill like in OS X on websites and apps that require passwords and personal information and use the finger print scanner as confirmation.That would be pretty intuitive and the software would be smart enough to make the whole password-less environment work.
Maybe "S" will stand for security this time around?
Your guess is better than any analyst since NONE of them mention the Mac Pro at all.
His idea of a "new design" iPhone 5 with plastic is the worst thing I've heard yet. No Apple isn't going to redesign a phone that came out last year and cheapen every part of it. If apple does an affordable iPhone they need to work from the ground up (of course I realize they'll use older chips and technology).
New Posts  All Forums: