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  I like this idea.   Unibody polycarbonate akin to the MacBook would keep the iPhone thin as well, and not bulbous like the 3G/3GS.
Likewise no one was making a profit on 7 inch tablets, but that didnt stop Apple from making an iPad Mini.Just because the other manufacturers can't figure out how to make a profit from sub-$500 smart phones doesn't mean Apple won't be able to.If Apple makes a lower cost iPhone they are going to do it right without hurting their margins.I expect to see liquid metal in the iPhone 6. Not plastic. Actually I don't think we're going to see the 6 this year as this rumor says.
    This is why I don't believe we'll see a plastic polycarbonate case on the iPhone Mini. I think we'll still see aluminum, much like what we see on the iPods.
  It would be hard for them to drop the numbers since they sell multiple generations at a time.   The only way I see Apple dropping the numbers is if they introduced an all new low end iPhone (iPhone Mini), to replace the last gen models at the low end.   Then the numbers would be unnecessary and irrelevant. For now we need them.
I was thinking that, but if the 5S come out before the iPhone+, some iPhone 5S buyers would be pissed they didn't have the chance to buy the larger screen options.   So maybe releasing the iPhone+ first would be better?   Another thing I realize is the lining up a queuing in front of Apple stores before the launch of these models is going to die down if the models are spread throughout the year. Less queuing = less positive free press, which would be bad for Apple.   It...
If I were to guess, I would assume that a cheaper iPhone would come out in March/April to coincide with a deal with China Mobile.   The iPhone + will come out in the Summer.   The iPhone 5S will come out in the fall in time for holiday season.   That's if any of these rumors are true.
From that one clip I will say the acting was TERRIBLE
  Of course techies think the OS is stale. But funny thing is I rarely hear techies say Windows looks "stale" when it has looked relatively the same for 20 years.   Android hasn't changed much either, but I guess they love how much you can "customize" Android.     I agree.   The native apps need help. Or maybe could give us the option to delete some of them and replace them with 3rd party apps.
  I think an entirely plastic phone case would be unnecessary.   The could develop a phone with a metal case much like the iPod Touch and sell it for $300. The case is NOT the most expensive component in an iPhone.    The most important thing is that this "cheaper iPhone" carry "Apple" look and feel so that people will want to buy the more expensive Apple products.   I don't doubt they've experimented with larger screens, but to say this is their "plan B" against large...
  My comment wasn't directed specifically at you, but at the general "iOS needs to be more like Android" crowd.   Android is not a joy to use at all, and there's very little that I find more "intuitive". There may be a feature here or there that's nice, but the OS in its entirety is lacking.   Some of your ideas sound interesting, but would implementing those make iOS less stale to you? Probably not I would presume.   A lot of people have gripes with the look of iOS, but...
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