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Only thing that makes sense is the iPhone 5S which we all already knew was coming.   iPad 5? Some of what he said makes sense, but I don't think Apple is going to ditch the bezels, unless the iPad 5 is as light as the Mini (not likely).   Plastic iPhone? No.   iPhone +? "Plan B" against Android? Now he's just making stuff up.
  I agree.   The 4 trumps every other "free" phone available by a mile.   Amazing build quality, beautiful all glass design, easy to use fast and smooth OS...   Plus it still looks fresh and modern.
  The shipped/sold debate is kind of foolish when we're talking about a difference of 80 million handsets between Samsung and Apple. No matter how you looks at the numbers Samsun SOLD millions more than Apple.   Even if as much as 30% of their shipped phones are sitting in inventory they still would have beat Apple in smartphone sales.
    Probably a better analysis of the situation is that the low end smartphone market (Samsung) grew faster than the high end (Apple)   Apple didn't have a "bad" quarter, but it was weaker than many expected. I do find it interesting how well the iPhone 4 sold this holiday quarter. The demand for cheaper handsets seems to be strong not only in the "3rd world" but also here in the US as well.
Weak in that their market share went down for the quarter.I meant to say good "year" not good "war". I always have trouble with the mobile version of AI...
Looks like the data is saying it was a good war overall but a weak holiday quarter for Apple.
Most android users don't use 90% of the features offered them because they don't know how to use the features or are just clueless.On the other hand when Apple starts mobile payment a lot more fanfare will be made of it. Consumers will actually get behind the idea and use the system. Making everyone more money.
At my college campus 85% of the people I communicate with have iPhones.A few actually have bought iPhone 4 because its "free".Anyway iMessage has been a huge success at expanding the ecosystem. People love seeing blue text bubbles when their communicating with other iPhone users.
  Isn't that what European customers do now anyway?   I think the cost of an iPhone would be cheaper with such a plan than it is on Verizon or AT&T.
New Posts  All Forums: