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Well it's a good thing Apple is one of the wealthiest companies in the world.They have the resources to both innovate and litigate when and where they see fit.
If only mainstream American media actually did their research before reprinting this story,and causing another fear-based stock sell off.
Separate app takes up space on iCloud and your device storage
Trademarking rectangles again it looks like. When will Apple ever innovate /s
It's funny you said it's less like for Macs to move to ARM. Well I think the people at Microsoft think ARM is the future since they're trying to run Windows 8 (and I would assume future releases) on ARM based machines. Apple is probably experimenting with the same.   It's a matter of time before we see ARM based systems that can run Pro Softwares and create media and professional content.
  That's very interesting.   I don't think Apple is going to release the Retina Mini anytime soon, but if they were to release it later this year for the same $329 price, would they drop the price of Mini 1 to $229? That would be an aggressive way to fight Android head on.
  That's the main benefit of the Mini and I think that more than makes it worth the cost.     I've seen people carry Nexus and Kindle's in their pockets...   It's not pretty, but I've seen it...
  And if analyst are right it would give another job to the already overworked home button, and keep Apple ahead of the competition. Somehow.
  I know its a matter of opinion, but I've used the Nexus 7 a number of times and the more I use it the more inconsistencies I find with it. It can be very buggy with regular use and the OS UI looks like every other Android I've seen. I don't know why that seems "fresher" to some people here.   Its not much different from iOS especially since you have to still open their app launcher (which looks just like iOS's home screen) to find the apps you're looking for.   Not much...
Yup for most devices battery life isn't a big issue unless its terrible like the first round d LTE smartphones.As long as its more than 8hrs most people will be happy.
New Posts  All Forums: