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I believe these "conversations" Apple is "purportedly" having with retailers is more or less about making sure their employees and staff are well trained and prepared to service the millions of Apple iPhone 6 owners that will be storming the stores demanding to use TouchID NFC payments.   As has been said the NFC infrastructure is already there, and I believe Apple's iPhone 6 will be compatible with the existing NFC POS systems. What's lacking is the knowledge of the...
 With Apple's hire of Newson, plus the suspect comments made by Jony the other day (Switzerland is f*cked), I am starting to wonder if the iWatch will be a classic-watch/smart-watch hybrid. Maybe a mechanical watch with a digital screen overlaying it?
Yes! I can't wait to see what the iPhone 7 will look like with Marc Newson's input.
I have a feeling this is going to look like shit in person. It's way too big and thick to look good on most people. Conceptually the round face and style is nice but this particular adaption looks bloated and disgusting.
Apple already has a patent for wireless charging in the way I described.http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2013/09/apple-reveals-master-details-of-wireless-charging-system.html
Battery life won't matter for the iWatch if they can do wireless charging right. If it can charge wirelessly while on your wrist while you're at home without being plugged in, that'll be a huge win. With true wireless charging even if the iWatch's battery only lasts a day people won't notice because they never physically have to charge the thing.
I think apples service will include more than just payments. Think drivers licenses, insurance cards etc.
I agree. I think the closest mockup to what we may actually see next week is Todd Hamilton's:  All the other mockups look like Androids or sorry attempts at merging a smartphone with a watch. Todd's concept looks the closest to Apple's original wearable patent also: 
 I would assume so that users can also use DEBIT (i.e. bank cards) with iWallet. Not everyone has or wants to use a credit card to take advantage of smarter, faster, more secure payments.
 I'm hoping iWallet will be compatible with current NFC readers. I would assume that's why Apple made deals with AMEX, MC, and Visa since all of those companies have NFC card readers at retailers nationwide.
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