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When you look at it this way, it seems to me that if the 5.5 inch iPhone is successful, Apple's margins should go through the roof.Higher margin iPhones plus a new payment system could mean even more blockbuster quarters for Apple going forward.
Most people don't even know it happened.
It will be fun to sees phablet iPhone in stores soon. As far as nomenclature. I hope Apple doesn't call this massive phone the "iPhone Air". The smaller 4.7 inch phone should be called "Air" while the larger model should be called the "Pro" model just like with the MacBooks.
That problem was alleviated with both Find My iPhone and TouchID.Find my iPhone already included a kill switch if the phone is stolen which a standard wallet obviously does not include. If your wallet is lost or stolen you must call each bank individually to cancel cards and ship new ones to you, and them you have to go to the DMV to pay for a new drivers license.Find my iPhone destroys the need for all of that.Also the majority of people with TouchID use it to lock their...
On the topic of credit cards and Mobile payments... This will only take off when Apple can get state and local governments to allow digital driver's licenses, as well as health providers to provide digital health insurance cards (which may already be in the works). With Passbook handling store memberships (which I'm hoping more retailers will offer Memebership Passes via passbook), and Apple's iWallet handling payments and possibly DLs, and Healthbook handling insurance...
I don't mind the bands now, but I think they would look much better if they were made with radio-transparent liquid-metal instead of plastic. Also I wish the side bezels on the front glass were thinner. Overall, though, this is a fresh new look for the iPhone and I'm glad Apple didn't use glass inserts again. Everyone will have to get used to this new design.
The iPhone and original iPod.
I'm more excited by the prospects of what Apple will announce on the software side. As far as hardware there's not much Apple can do to blow people away.For software, though, Apple has the opportunity to blow everyone out of the water with their payment solutions, as well as, health, home, and auto interconnectivity with iOS.
The 5C is a really good deal considering Apple will likely make an 8GB for the $0 option when the 6 comes out. For bargain shoppers they can now get the standard 16GB model for virtually the same price.
Seems more like a Beats ad than an Apple ad.
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