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  I'm just saying Apple has done crazy things before (remember the buttonless iPod shuffle?) so I wouldn't be surprised if they axed the home button on an iOS device in the near future.
Really? I know on the 5G Nano (and every other iPod with a click wheel) you could use the click wheel to type. I didn't know the newer ones were voice only.Well Apple did get rid of the click wheel and all other buttons and made a buttonless iPod Nano before...They technically and feasibly could do the same for an iPhone Nano.
You're right it'd be impossible to type on something too narrow. How does typing/search work on the current Nano?For a phone where texting would probably be its biggest use that should definitely be the prime consideration.I think they could use the current 3.5 inch screen and shrink the body of the phone around it and maybe get rid of the home button?
Very nice stuff.I clicked the link for the original iPhone Nano photo and of course a lot of people said it looked the Lumia :facepalm:Spider iPhone is too weird and iPhone shuffle is absolutely ridiculous.Very cool link for the anodized aluminum. Learn something new every day
I actually had a 3G with iOS 4 and it was slow, but still inheritantly "smooth".   I was just playing with a friend's Nexus 7 and although it's fast, the screen wasn't always responsive and the lack of rubber-banding is also a turn off that makes the device feel archaic.    Also all of the apps are stretched phone apps that look pixelated on the screen. Playing games wasn't entirely enjoyable because sometimes my touch command would work, other times it would trigger...
IGZO so probably record breaking battery life.Hopefully HUGE upgrades to the OS as well. But I was thinking they could skip the 5S and just add a smaller and larger model this year.The iPhone 5 can stay as is because its still an awesome phone for $199.Wouldn't it be interesting if Apple unleashed a 3 inch phone in the summer and a surprise 5 inch model this fall?It would take everyone by surprise.
I don't see the cheaper iPhone having a 4 inch screen. I think it'll be smaller and function as an iPhone Mini. I think next year we will see a 5 inch iPhone but I think Apple will have a 4 inch and 5 inch model (Classic and Plus).
  Android still has a lot of refinements to make. It's still lacks a lot of smoothness that iOS has had since day 1.   iOS needs a better settings interface, but as you said, Apple needs to bring some innovation that none of us are expecting with this next release.
I think this is a funny assumption considering people said the same about the iPhone 5 leaks and iPad mini rumors last year.
Most smart phones are still only around 4 inches. The trend to 5 is very recent. Only a handful of phones have them.It took Apple a year to match the competition's larger screens and it will probably be another year before we see a 5 inch iPhone.As far as ease of use I'm hoping for some big upgrades now that Ive has a greater hand on the software side. iOS 7 should be groundbreaking
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