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Maybe "S" will stand for security this time around?
Your guess is better than any analyst since NONE of them mention the Mac Pro at all.
His idea of a "new design" iPhone 5 with plastic is the worst thing I've heard yet. No Apple isn't going to redesign a phone that came out last year and cheapen every part of it. If apple does an affordable iPhone they need to work from the ground up (of course I realize they'll use older chips and technology).
Ah yes now I remember the Blackberry Storm. Seems like such a distant terrible memory.And you're also right about relying on software because androids with no buttons freeze when apps crash and have to be rebooted.The home button is a nice fail safe for now but I still think Apple will bid rid of it on an iOS device in the future.
  I just love Steve Jobs. What an amazing excerpt of the bio.
  Say it aint so. 
  I hate how AppleInsider has worded this article making these numbers sound factual. These numbers are from yet another analyst...   We won't know the truth till next week.
  True. But Apple is moving forward and the home button isn't going to be there forever. I'm sure they're figuring out solutions for the iOS post-home button.   There have been some good ideas communicated on the forums such as turning the whole front panel into a "trackpad-esque" button, that would be firm enough not to accidentally be triggered when using the screen, but function as the home button when the lower part of the screen panel is pressed.   Of course Apple...
A smaller cheaper iPhone is going to happen. Tim Cook is going to make sure of it. A few years ago he said something about making sure Apple had a solution for emerging markets, and with the China Mobile deal happening its all about to unfold.
  The current iPhone's margins are way higher than the iPod Touches, so I would assume the iPhone Nano's would be more in line with the iPhone's margins. But that's a minor point when the cost of materials you're talking is so low at $80.
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