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  The iPad Mini is why the oft rumored iPhone Nano could become a possibility.   Honestly the iPad Mini is just old components thrown together in a new form factor and it's a smash success. That's all I expect from an iPhone Nano. Either old iPod or iPhone parts put together. Because it'll be a "new form factor," it won't look or feel outdated to consumers, hence why it would be a success rather than the current obviously 3 year old phones Apple sells for "free".
That's another possibility that I think would be great for an iPhone Nano.   Microsoft sold the KIN for free-$100 (depending on the model) with WIFI and Verizon required NO DATA contract for it, only a voice plan.
  The point of the device would be to hit a lower price point without diluting the iOS experience. They could do that by starting with a 3GS, giving it an A4 chip, and a more attractive form factor. It's not going to be about raw specs but creating an entry level iPhone experience for $200ish.   What will differentiate the smaller iPhone from the premium iPhones? Features (Siri), Speed, and Screen (Quality/Size). But in every other way the "Nano" can be an iPhone.
  Same argument can be made for the iPad Mini...
People that don't live in the US or buy their phone outright don't want to pay $450+ for a 3 year old cell phone...
The problem with the current approach of selling outdated handsets for "free" is that the handsets are obviously outdated. A better example would be the fact that the iPad Mini outsells the iPad 2.   A new iPhone at a low end price point would outsell the current old iPhones and likely wouldn't cannibalize the premium top tier iPhone.
I could be wrong but next year, I think we'll see a 5S with evolutionary upgrades, and the continued sell of the iPhone 4 primarily to pre-paid carriers for $349.   But I wouldn't be surprised if we see the introduction of a new iPhone Nano with a 3.5 inch screen, smaller bezels, colors, and an iPod Nano-ish form factor. Add in non-retina display and a $249 price point and we'll have iPhones for everyone ranging from $249-$849.
I agree that the low end is Apple's last big opportunity in the smartphone business because they have the mid to high end covered well.
  Apple did it with music and movies equally difficult industries. As far as ties, if Apple could get every one of their authorized retailers to buy into their concept of electronic purchasing they'd have all of the top retailers in the world on their side. If anyone could change retail it would be Apple.
    1) Apple will likely keep the same case design, and although I agree changing the back panel to incorporate NFC isn't likely, I do still believe NFC can be a worthwhile feature if Apple uses their massive clout with retailers to get a full system in place to utilize it. It's a feature that, if it comes with the right ecosystem, could be groundbreaking.     2) All the features you listed matter squat to most consumers. Yes an iPhone with improved internals is welcome,...
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