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I think this is a funny assumption considering people said the same about the iPhone 5 leaks and iPad mini rumors last year.
Most smart phones are still only around 4 inches. The trend to 5 is very recent. Only a handful of phones have them.It took Apple a year to match the competition's larger screens and it will probably be another year before we see a 5 inch iPhone.As far as ease of use I'm hoping for some big upgrades now that Ive has a greater hand on the software side. iOS 7 should be groundbreaking
I could eventually see apple having a multi tiered iPhone lineup similar to the iPod lineup starting with a Nano, then the classic and then an upgraded flagship model with a 5 inch screen.Nothing is stopping them from expanding the lineup and I think now would be the best time for them to do so.
That's probably what we'll see.As far as release dates Apple may spread them so that iPhone sales don't have the typical mid year drop off.I could see the iPhone Mini launched in the spring/summer in time for back to school season and the main iPhone remains the fall/winter release in time for Christmas shopping.
See through colored plastic is so 1999 for Apple though.Colored aluminum would be "cool" and classier.But oh well, we'll see what happens...
Where did you find that mockup?
I personally think the current Nano form factor should have been for an iPhone and the iPod Nano should have remained a wrist watch. 
    What got me was this line:       When has DT ever even been sometimes reliable?
Introducing the iPhone Mini:  
Without China Mobile iPhone sales and growth is stagnating. It's not shrinking but there's just not much room to grow.
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