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I'm assuming they expected us to be "WOWed" by the 4 inch screen. Sadly we've all seen it already
I do think the iPhone will have NFC but we'll see what's true in a few hours
I would suspect that a pocketable handheld device would appeal more to young people (the Touch's target market) than even a Mini Tablet would, so yes there is a market for it, but I agree Apple needs to be more price competitive with the Touch.   Tons of rumors state that the old Touch will stay around so I assume that model will be priced somewhere between $129-179, and the new 4 inch Touch will be the top of the line model. If the 4 inch Touch came with 64GB of storage...
I really like their concept of adding a Mission Control interface to the iPhone.Anyway can anyone imagine what colors would look like on a Touch? And where will Apple price it so that it won't compete head on with underpriced Mini Tablets?
Either the Touch will cost less than $200 or the Mini will cost more than $250. Or the Touch might come with 32GB of memory standard while the Mini gets 8GB? That would explain the close pricing.
Stopped reading right there
  I still have hope for a sort of Bluetooth iPod Nano Watch. That wouldn't be "meh"   Thats an interesting idea, or maybe they'll keep it and give the Touch the "tear-drop" design we've all been hoping for ;)
How about colored iPod Touches?
As a consumer I'd rather something more akin to Spotify. Pandora is a great service, no need for Apple to make a Pandora clone. Spotify on the other hand is a great idea but a bad service.
I think it's funny how many people here wish it were wider and taller.   I imagine if Apple actually did that it'd be "fatty Nano" all over again.
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