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Yup the convertible tablets advertised today aren't much different from the convertible laptops of 10 years ago.A friend of mine had a convertible laptop running XP that was so cool at the time. I remember wondering why Apple didn't have one.
There's also some UI improvements that are far overdue as well.I feel that everything since iOS 4 has been tacking on top of the old UI new features that are not intuitive to use.I'm hoping Ive will fix that since he's over the UI now. I want a more intuitive natural and easy to use iOS.
I would hope that wasn't the case but you never know.
I've said it before but software is Apple's biggest opportunity.They need to overhaul iOS with version 7.
I think one day technology will catch up and we'll see fuller desktop experiences on light weight tablets like the iPad.The Surface Pro with Windows 8 is going to weigh more than some laptops and be pretty thick and chunky.That's why we don't yet see a desktop class OS on a lightweight tablet because currently it just isn't feasible.
I agree that's close to my predictions of the iPad lineup's future.The Mini will take over for the iPad 2 once it gets retina and the low end (last gen models) will compete with cheaper Android tablets.
I think moreso the fact that it wasn't a real Windows experience considering most of the early returns were due to the inability to run Windows apps.Funny though that many analyst were excited with the prospect of the Surface because they thought people could get the full Windows experience (apps and all) in a lightweight touch screen $499 tablet. Well they were again wrong and the Surface and Windows RT are FAR from iPad killers.But I will say that I believe there is a...
  I mention $229 because that would be the price of the current model if Apple continued selling it for $100 less like they did with the iPad 2 and iPhones. $249 is in reference to nht's post.   Do I think it would sell more at those prices? Not necessarily. iPod Classic sales didn't sky rocket when the price went from $299 to $249. The price drop didn't make much of a difference for people.   I wouldn't consider any product over $200 an impulse buy product. People...
That's true. We'll see what Apple does but they're doing pretty well against the competition of better spec'd cheaper 7 inch tablets.I'm sure whatever they do this spring or next fall is going to take them even further than the competition.That's an interesting idea.It'd be weird for them to move the price like that but I guess the $329 starting price is stranger.The current Mini would be killer at $229 or $249. I'm not sure if we'll see that price this year but that'd be...
I don't think Apple would have a problem selling Retina iPad Minis for $429.Plenty of consumers especially Apple's core demographic don't mind spending more for a higher quality experience than the competition.Will Apple price it that high? Who knows. They may wow us all like they did last year and launch a retina mini in a couple months for $329.That would be amazing but who would buy an iPod touch or iPad if the Mini has it all plus some for less money?That's another...
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