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  Apple isn't going to just throw together an iPhone with HD resolution and have all the app developers have to make their apps in another resolution just for the HD iPhone and retain all the other resolutions for previous iPhones still sold.   For Apps, it's best for Apple to just double the resolution so that old apps still workout letter boxing or getting pixelated, and it's easy for developers to modify apps for the increased resolution.   That's why I said...
    This obviously isn't an iPhone discussion, but I've postulated that Apple could double the resolution of the iPhone 5, stretch it onto a 5 inch screen and have a "Super Retina" display of sorts. 2272 x 1280 pixels is still less than the Retina iPad (2.9 million versus 3.1 million) so such a device could use an A6X and be very speedy and relatively efficient.   How does that sound for a Super iPhone (iPhone X or Pro or whatever they would call it). But I would imagine...
    Considering the iPad Mini only cost $70 less than the iPad 2 with the exact same specs. Shouldn't we assume a Retina Mini would cost $70 less than the Retina iPad?   As I said I believe Retina will be reserved for a higher end Mini.   Expect $429 for a Retina Mini with the current low res Mini continuing on at $329.
If we get a Spring upgrade all I expect is a case redesign. The new chips for the internals won't be ready till fall.
The Retina Mini will be price $100 higher than the current Mini so there won't be any buyer's remorse.   The iPad 4 was more of a iPad 3S. The next iPad will probably have the same specs as the last just with a new case design. Later this year it'll probably the speed bump once the new chips (A7X) are ready.
    I think Apple may have a slightly cheaper iPhone up their sleeve, but my comment was mainly directed at the analyst that said Apple NEEDS a CHEAP iPhone in order to succeed and grow.   If Apple makes a smaller cheaper iPhone it will only be to expand the brand not out of a necessity to survive as some analyst have made it seem.
Well analyst were wrong that Apple needs a $99 phone to grow its business.
Do that and you get an iPhone 4/4S.
So there are three things that could happen 1) Apple continues selling the iPhone 4, after the 5S comes out, later this year for $349 2) Apple resurrects the 3GS as is for $249 3) Apple designs and creates an iPhone Mini from scratch and prices it anywhere from $300-500
Turning every iPhone into a life alert. Now everyone can feel good about buying their grandparents iPhones.
New Posts  All Forums: