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I could see them positioning the iPad 2 as an education device, and the iPad 3 as more of a "Pro" device to differentiate from the Mini. The Mini will probably be more of an every mans tablet.   Even next year when a new iPad comes out Apple will probably keep the iPad 2 around as an education model, like they did with white MacBooks and the eMac all those years ago.
That makes a lot of sense, but if they market the "Air" as more portable wouldn't that imply that the bigger model is not portable? I mean the iPad's main selling feature is its portability and ease of use over a laptop.   If it's marketed as a Mini it'll be seen as everything the big iPad is except in a smaller form factor. That might be better from a marketing standpoint for both iPads
If they do have 2 separate events there probably will be a few "one more thing" type products. Maybe we'll see that $200 prepaid iPhone at the iPhone event and the 13 inch Retina Macbook at the iPad event?   iPods for the most part are almost not news worthy unless we see a true iPod Nano Watch concept that beats all the others.
Not sure if this is real or if this is 2011's Tear drop iPhone 5 all over again.
    $199 would be a stretch is this is an iPad. If this were a big iPod than $199 would be the perfect price.   Anyway when/if an iPad Mini does come out I wonder if Apple will just keep the current Touch around, not upgrade it, and price it at $99? That could help drive up iPod sales? Even if the Touch does get upgraded the pricing would have to stay lower to make room for this new  iPad.
  Looks just as thick as the old iPhone in this pic sadly.
Even so I wouldn't be surprised if Apple keeps the current Touch around another year but priced lower, just to keep iPod marketshare high.
One thing with this rumor is if they make a set top box that the cable companies then sell to you subsidized, they can make far more profits and margins.   It'd be like the iPhone all over again, and I would expect exclusive deals with Comcast and Time Warner.   I imagine that each box would cost $300-400, but after the cable companies subsidize them it would only cost consumers $99. Who wouldn't switch from their regular cable box to an Apple one especially if they get...
  This.   This is probably an iPod Touch or all new model that replaces the Touch.   Not sure if it will be marketed or branded as an "iPad Mini" and most of the photos floating around show what looks like a 3:2 screen ratio.
I might be the only one, but I hope Apple announces an iPhone exclusively for pre-paid networks based on the 3GS, but with CDMA and GSM compatibility.   Sold for $199 contract free announced at the event and launched alongside the iPhone 5.
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