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... and the iPod Touch you're referring to is 2 years old. Check the prices of the new Touches before you start whining.
Too bad these don't have covers or tips.
If Android is any sign, most people don't care if they can get all the latest updates on their smartphone.   Apple was still able to move quite a few 3GS over the past year even though that design looks very dated. At least the 4 is a good looking phone.   Probably the best "free" smartphone out there.
Pricing announced for the new Touch. $299? Writing on the wall says "No cheap iPad Mini coming!"
Love the white frame! Makes it looks different, fresh, and uniquely Apple.   By the way I think this would have been a perfect iPhone Nano. Beautiful functional design.
Since all the iPhones looks the same now, I'm sure a LOT of people are going to opt for the "free" iPhone 4 and think they're getting a steal!   Smart on Apple's part because they'll sell a whole lot more iPhones to bottom-feeders and Android types that want a more "flashy" phone.
The 4S seems like the best deal of the bunch. 
I'm assuming they expected us to be "WOWed" by the 4 inch screen. Sadly we've all seen it already
I do think the iPhone will have NFC but we'll see what's true in a few hours
I would suspect that a pocketable handheld device would appeal more to young people (the Touch's target market) than even a Mini Tablet would, so yes there is a market for it, but I agree Apple needs to be more price competitive with the Touch.   Tons of rumors state that the old Touch will stay around so I assume that model will be priced somewhere between $129-179, and the new 4 inch Touch will be the top of the line model. If the 4 inch Touch came with 64GB of storage...
New Posts  All Forums: