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Most people just read and surf the web on iPad. Or use it for some productive work when they don't want to lug around a laptop.   Yes more power would be good for games, and an HD camera would be a nice progression, but I think most people just want something lighter.   If they can shave a considerable amount of weight off the iPad while making it more powerful and efficient they'll have a winner
Only improvements iPad really needs as far as hardware, is thinner, lighter, more efficient. I don't think the Tablet market has the same crazy demands as the smartphone market.
I agree with your point that Apple charges more than they should for memory upgrades. Honestly the problem would be alleviated if they just came with more memory standard since flash storage is so cheap nowadays compared to 5 years ago.
With the iPad 2 selling for $399 I can't see anyone buying the Mini for only $50 less.   Only way I see a Mini fitting in is if it has 8GB of storage standard for $199 or $249 and then the next storage capacity being 16GB or 32GB for $100-$150 more.   But with the specs people are talking for the Mini, Apple may as well just keep the iPad 2 around another year and sell it for $299
A comparable iPhone 4S would cost $600-700 so that's an irrelevant comparison.   I too was surprised at the pricing though. The Nano is $50 too high and the Touch is $100 too high. 
... and the iPod Touch you're referring to is 2 years old. Check the prices of the new Touches before you start whining.
Too bad these don't have covers or tips.
If Android is any sign, most people don't care if they can get all the latest updates on their smartphone.   Apple was still able to move quite a few 3GS over the past year even though that design looks very dated. At least the 4 is a good looking phone.   Probably the best "free" smartphone out there.
Pricing announced for the new Touch. $299? Writing on the wall says "No cheap iPad Mini coming!"
Love the white frame! Makes it looks different, fresh, and uniquely Apple.   By the way I think this would have been a perfect iPhone Nano. Beautiful functional design.
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