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I would suspect that a pocketable handheld device would appeal more to young people (the Touch's target market) than even a Mini Tablet would, so yes there is a market for it, but I agree Apple needs to be more price competitive with the Touch.   Tons of rumors state that the old Touch will stay around so I assume that model will be priced somewhere between $129-179, and the new 4 inch Touch will be the top of the line model. If the 4 inch Touch came with 64GB of storage...
I really like their concept of adding a Mission Control interface to the iPhone.Anyway can anyone imagine what colors would look like on a Touch? And where will Apple price it so that it won't compete head on with underpriced Mini Tablets?
Either the Touch will cost less than $200 or the Mini will cost more than $250. Or the Touch might come with 32GB of memory standard while the Mini gets 8GB? That would explain the close pricing.
Stopped reading right there
  I still have hope for a sort of Bluetooth iPod Nano Watch. That wouldn't be "meh"   Thats an interesting idea, or maybe they'll keep it and give the Touch the "tear-drop" design we've all been hoping for ;)
How about colored iPod Touches?
As a consumer I'd rather something more akin to Spotify. Pandora is a great service, no need for Apple to make a Pandora clone. Spotify on the other hand is a great idea but a bad service.
I think it's funny how many people here wish it were wider and taller.   I imagine if Apple actually did that it'd be "fatty Nano" all over again.
Exactly. The iPhone 5 will be a smash hit no matter what anyone here or elsewhere says. It looks different enough, and packs all the features people have been saying the iPhone lacked for years. Widescreen, LTE, and maybe even an NFC like solution. There won't be anything Android will have over it.
I was wondering the same thing. Looks like marketing hyper-bole. They probably remember the rumors of edge to edge screen iPhone and decided to beat Apple to it by slapping on the label "edge to edge" on one of their chunky fugly phones. 
New Posts  All Forums: