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  I would assume that $99-$149 are the subsidized prices which are to high IMO.   Unless these phones DO NOT require data plans and are subsidized for voice only plans which would make that price VERY nice.
  Great points. That's why I don't think we're going to see plastic or low grade materials in the smaller iPhone. Apple will keep it premium and people will be willing to pay the premium price.
  Great points, and many are likely the same that led Apple to diversify the iPod lineup nearly 10 years ago.   I don't think it's an "if" point anymore but a when and how, will they do it for the iPhone.
And yet Apple sold over 2.1 million iPhones in China in one weekend...
I agree with most of everything you said but I don't think they're going to give this low end phone the same 4 inch screen that's on the iPhone 5.If they did then who would buy an iPhone 5 for twice the price when the iPhone lite you speak of is pretty much the same thing for cheaper.Although you may not agree, screen size could be a differentiating factor between the cheaper iPhone and the iPhone 5.Mind you most cheap androids sold in Asia that analyst want Apple to...
iPhone for emerging markets on its way...
Apple kept around the 4th gen iPod touch and the iPhone 4/4S.They have no stated goals of transitioning their products to 16:9. If they did they wouldn't still be selling millions of 3:2 devices every month.Another fact. There are hundreds of millions of 3:2 iOS devices in the wild. It will take years before developers stop supporting the format.Exactly right.I expect the iPhone Mini out sooner than later. iPhone 4/4S internals. iPhone 5 externals. Extremely thin sexy design.
The cheaper iPhone will probably have a smaller screen, but it will likely share a lot of specs and cues from the iPad Mini and iPod Touch.I don't think Apple will ever make an iPhone below $400 and I'm sure they can make a pretty good profit at that range.
Analyst are just mad because the iPhone is only growing in double digit percentages instead of triple digit like before...
  I remember that quote, and I've wondered why Apple hasn't acted on a lower end iPhone sooner? It seems that Tim Cook was suggesting there would be a cheaper iPhone at some point.   I don't think it will be the 5 inch screen $200 iPhone analyst want, but I believe Tim has something in mind.
New Posts  All Forums: