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I was wondering the same thing. Looks like marketing hyper-bole. They probably remember the rumors of edge to edge screen iPhone and decided to beat Apple to it by slapping on the label "edge to edge" on one of their chunky fugly phones. 
That is why features like "wireless charging" aren't going to save struggling tech companies. Palm did it (it was definitely more groudbreaking then than now) and still died and now Nokia does it 3 years late and hopes that'll be enough for people to consider their phones over iPhones/Androids.
Spec-wise I don't see much difference between the Lumia 920's camera and the 4S's. In real world use the Lumia's may be better, but we won't know that until this thing eventually gets released which is another fact we don't know.
YAWN... who cares about fugly pieces of plastic. At least the Lumia looks good
I'm not sure what feature the competition has the next iPhone won't have?
Are you serious? Palm had that in 2009!  
I think Apple will unveil a form of inductive charging on the iPhone 5. They have a number of patents that point toward a wireless charging dock, and I think the new metal backplate on the 5 leaks we've seen will be a part of their wireless charging system. 
People are going to say the same about the iPhone 5 compared to the 4/4S, but in general smartphones have become mature and we're not going to see too many radical hardware designs going forward. Once a manufacturer comes up with a unique look they'll probably stick with it.
If only they were wireless.
They're still going to have theft scanners when you walk out that will trigger if theres something in your cart that wasn't checked out. I don't see this new payment option as a bad thing or as something that will cause an increase in theft.
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