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Completely agree and I've said similar things in this thread.   The top selling Androids are 3 inch phones lacking features even the 3GS had.    Also in the picture you have above of the S3 and iPhone5 the screen size difference doesn't look to be that great and the iPhone is a much better proportioned device.   The S3 is ridiculous, and I'm sure a lot of the sales that Samsung includes in S3 numbers are of the S3 Mini which has a 4 inch screen and is half the price...
This is great for Apple and all but reading things like this makes me think the US tax code needs to be completely overhauled. So many legal loopholes for big corporations. Just lower rated across the board for everyone. But I guess millions of high end accountants would lose their jobs if that happened...
  Have you considered what Apple would charge for such a phone?   The 4 inch iPhone already cost $649 off contract. I don't think Apple would hesitate to charge $849 or even $949 for a "phablet", and who knows if the carriers will be as kind with the subsidies.   Apple will probably price themselves out of the market and the sales uptick from the new larger phone would be non-existent.
  I think something like this is likely.   I wouldn't be surprised if Apple comes out with a smaller iPhone (3-3.5 inch screen) alongside an iPhone 5S this year, just so that they can have an entry level phone with the lightning connector, and possibly even a lower price.       This is true.   The majority of Android sales worldwide are coming from 3 inch phones with specs similar to the iPhone 3G anyway. The most lucrative market (as far as sales) for Apple is...
I doubt Samsung's higher end phones are switching from android anytime soon.One of the perks with galaxy phones are plenty of apps and compatible software which Samsung wont get with another OS. I suppose the cheaper android phones they sell could use an alternative OS but those phones matter far less to google anyway.Aside from that my point was that it might be a good time for Apple to add a few more iPhone models up and down the spectrum.
And there goes the stock...
Although its great that Apple had some growth. I still believe there is room for Apple to diversify the iPhone lineup and capture even more market share from Google.
This is why the "S" version of every iPhone is the best. All the bugs are worked out.
Smart investors are buying up Apple stock now. It's almost like an after Christmas clearance sale for the stock.
I think Tim Cook would be willing to try, depending on how he feels the iPad Mini has done. From the looks of early reports it does appear that the iPad Mini has cannibalized the main iPad quite a bit while not growing Apple's marketshare.   This alone could prevent Apple from expanding the iPhone brand, but if iPhone sales plateau anything could be on the table to grow it's market.
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