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      LTE alone isn't a "WOW" feature.   Why? Because when Apple introduced it on the iPad it wasn't the main feature they marketed. The "Retina Display" was. That's because Apple likes to market consumer friendly features like cameras, retina displays, or even software like Siri to be the main "WOW" feature upgrade for their models.    Nothing we've seen so far can quantify as that so I'm hoping their will still be surprises for us at the event.   NFC may come but unless...
You're probably in the minority of consumers that want a relatively thick phone in favor of a bigger battery.   The 4S is one of the thicker phones now, so I would hope Apple would for the sake of their legacy of "thinness" and beauty make the phone a bit thinner.   They can use the same battery and the savings they get from the new screen tech and the low power efficient A6 could go to powering the hungry LTE chips, all while the phone shrink a millimeter or 2.
    I'm definitely hoping that Apple unleashes the teardrop iPhone instead, because that one was flawlessly sexy     Anyway @gwmac   If the next iPhone does fail Apple is more likely to go BACK to a smaller 3.5 inch screen! So far all intents and purposes this iPhone needs to succeed if you want to one day see an iPhone with a much larger screen.
Thinner display tech + a more energy efficient display and processor should = a thinner phone that at least matched the 4S's battery life.Personally hoping for at least one aspect of the hardware design to wow people such as its overall thinness.
Yeah because as of now even with all the supposed technology going into this thing it looks as thick as the 4 which I believe Apple could do better than that.
Hoping the new iPhone is more than just 0.1mm thinner than the 4S.
No. Most people don't know what liquid metal is so that alone wont drive any sales. People need to see wow features and bells and whistles. (ala SIRI) to buy the phone in droves. Hardware specs rarely do anything for consumers.Well of you look at the Mac lineup then you'll see how Apple can quantify this as a "MAJOR" redesign.
  Well it looks like what you see is what you get:           I wouldn't go that far, but I will say it's not bad. But it will need to have some "WOW" features either software or hardware to get people interested. Because the design alone is pretty standard
Well if we believe that Apple has moved the iPhone to in-cell tech using a different supplier that would account for the dramatic decline but not the recent bump.If the in-cell rumor was wrong than as you say this is not news.If the next iPhone is in-cell jragosta might be right, but I'm not getting my hopes up for an iPad Mini.
Well considering the rumored price is $250 or less (half the price of the new iPad) I think everyone expects it to not be "as good" as the bigger iPads.
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