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I agree with this.   I think we may see this in iPhone 6 or 7. 
The iPhone 3G/3GS at least had the same polycarbonate material used in MacBooks. It was high end plastic not the Fisher Price toy plastic other manufacturers use.
    If 15% of iPhones sold are still 4/4Ss that equals millions of phones sold every quarter with obsolete docking ports.       I think smaller and cheaper is the only way to go. Maybe the larger iPhone and cheaper iPhone rumors got mixed. It was Digitimes that leaked that rumor after all.   The smaller cheaper rumor also had some traction at CNET and Forbes last week...
      I think Apple is going to eventually do that.   The 4/4S don't have lightning connectors so I could see them releasing a 3.5 inch phone with smaller bezels and an extremely thin design selling it as an all new MUST HAVE device.   People (analyst) would soon forget all the hubbub of oversized phones when people are lining up for the stylish contemporary iPhone Mini. Free on contract $399 off contract. High quality materials and a sexy design.
Plastic is never going to happen.   If Apple does a cheaper iPhone, like the iPad Mini, it will be high quality, and although cheaper still more expensive than the competition.
If there ever is a 5 inch iPhone it'll probably have a starting price of $300-400 with subsidy ($800-900 off contract)   The iPhone 5/5S will probably remain in the $199 ($649) slot and under that price I could see a smaller cheaper iPhone.
Smaller cheaper phone yes   Larger cheaper phone? Pipe dream.   I believe Apple is going to bring an iPhone Mini out this year to take over the low end from the iPhone 4S.    Why? The 4S doesn't have a lightning connector and will become obsolete sooner rather than later. The Mini will cover the space of being the "free" iPhone with a fresh design and the latest connectors for Apple accessories. But it won't be cheap. I would expect the off contract price to...
    This is why Apple isn't rushing to make a 20+ inch iPad. Battery technology isn't there yet. Who wants to try to carry some 20 pound computer around there house?        HILARIOUS!
So pretty much like the information iPad display units at Apple stores?
  Isn't the Note 2 doing better in overseas market where it's actually cheaper than the iPhone?   Aside from that I think the iPhone's screen size will gradually grow over time, but not until necessary technology catches up. One day I believe the entire front face of the phone will be screen and there will be no buttons or any other distractions whatsoever. We already see signs Apple is going in this direction with such patents as the "behind the screen" camera and...
New Posts  All Forums: