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  This sounds like an Apple fanboy's wet dream.   Yeah I wish Apple would do it, but there's is no proof this is gonna happen.
So reality check. Still no CONCRETE proof of an iPad Mini?   The increase buy could be for the rumored new iPod Nano or even an iPhone Nano, who's to say because Wintek's sales went up, that it automatically means "New iPad Mini coming!"
I think the opposite is true. The square iPhone can sometimes get "stuck" when you try to whip it out of your pocket because an edge catches the fabric. a slim rounded phone probably wouldn't have that problem
It may be the fact that a lot of those apps aren't worth downloading being a reason why they aren't downloaded.   And I don't understand why the closed system has anything to do with low downloads of certain apps. You can search google and find iOS apps. Companies have links on their websites, that link to their App Store apps etc.There are more ways to find apps than just the App Store storefront.   So what makes the system "closed"?
One of the things I like about the mock is that the phone keeps the current 3:2 screen aspect ratio even though the screen's size increases to 4 inches. In the mock this is done by making the phone slightly wider, while also making the phone shorter so it's dimensions just look better to the eye than the taller narrow 16:9 leaks we've been seeing lately.
  I'm sure that's something they're working on considering all of the 3rd party media they've already added in the US. But to make development of 3rd party apps happen faster they should just come out with an SDK. Even if initially they only allows video and media apps it would certainly hasten European Media outlets getting their apps out on the Apple TV platform.     Wow I didn't realize Hulu Plus still had ads.   I like the standard Hulu and it's a really great way to...
That is still my favorite iPhone mockup. I would love to see that debuted in September although it's not likely.  
The smaller models will probably only have 1 storage config and even the high end model only needs 32 and 64. But Apple does already sell 18 models of iPad so it's not out of the realm of possibility considering the sheer volume of iPhones sold.
Some of the patents do extend to elements of the actual technology and not just for the docking part of it. Looking back Apple has been patenting inductive charging for portable devices all the way back in 2005 so it seems to me they're serious about releasing the it as a feature.
Apple does have patents for the feature though, so I'm assuming we'll see inductive charging debut on this iPhone.   You're right that people will exclaim Apple stole the feature, but the Palm that debuted the feature is long gone and the entire Palm empire is folded. I don't know of any current smartphones with the feature either.   Anyway I'm sure if Apple does introduce Inductive Charging they'll do something special with it, maybe with magnets or something to make...
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