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I think that is an NFC chip and Apple is trying to turn the rumor mill in the wrong direction weeks before the event.
If it is in fact wider I wonder if they'll go for true HD and make it 1280 by 720 pixels? That would be nice but I wonder what apps would look like on such a screen.
Then why does Apple have dozens and dozens of patents for NFC?
The whole premise of adding NFC is selling new iPhones, so I doubt they'll open it to older iPhones and iPads.
  That's exactly what I was saying in my previous post. The next iPhone needs a marquee feature and a widescreen alone won't cut it     There was a NYT article that communicated something similar, and although I think that's where we're going in the future I believe that is all 5-10 years out. Also you're idea requires just as much, if not more infrastructure improvements as NFC, because every single retailer would have to change their point of sale architecture. With NFC...
Every iPhone needs its wow feature and from the looks of what we've seen on the 6th gen, I'm not seeing anything that really pops that's gonna make people lust after the phone.NFC + Apple's ecosystem and infastructure could have been (could still be since we don't know) the feature that makes people want an iPhone. Game changing is what people would call it if Apple did it right.As of now if NFC is off the table we better see some jaw drop features on the phone at the...
  I wonder if we'll see iPod + iPhone in September and iPad Mini + Retina MacBook in October? I guess it could be any combination of things, but it's looking more feasible Apple is planning 2 events since they have so many products coming.
I could see them positioning the iPad 2 as an education device, and the iPad 3 as more of a "Pro" device to differentiate from the Mini. The Mini will probably be more of an every mans tablet.   Even next year when a new iPad comes out Apple will probably keep the iPad 2 around as an education model, like they did with white MacBooks and the eMac all those years ago.
That makes a lot of sense, but if they market the "Air" as more portable wouldn't that imply that the bigger model is not portable? I mean the iPad's main selling feature is its portability and ease of use over a laptop.   If it's marketed as a Mini it'll be seen as everything the big iPad is except in a smaller form factor. That might be better from a marketing standpoint for both iPads
If they do have 2 separate events there probably will be a few "one more thing" type products. Maybe we'll see that $200 prepaid iPhone at the iPhone event and the 13 inch Retina Macbook at the iPad event?   iPods for the most part are almost not news worthy unless we see a true iPod Nano Watch concept that beats all the others.
New Posts  All Forums: