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  That's what I think would be a good path for them. Maybe 4 phones. The premier 4+ inch phone, the "classic" 3.5 inch iPhone, a "Mini" iPod phone, and an iPhone for the prepaid market (ie the 3GS). They could hit Android on every playing field easily.
I think it fits more with Apple's Mac designs as well:      
Could be that inductive charging is going to be the "wow" feature this time around and that this will be a truly "cordless" iPhone. 
I don't think it's solely the appearance per se but also the quality of materials which is evident just when you pick it up. An all glass and metal phone feels far more luxurious in the hand than an all plastic Android phone.   This new phone follows the iPhones before it with the obvious use of metal and glass over plastic. That is a major selling point for the iPhone and all Apple products (and also why they've eliminated all of their white plastic products in favor of...
I think it would look amazing with a screen that matched the back aluminum panel. A massive crystal clear retina edge to edge display overtaking the front of the device would be gorgeous.   But this design has grown on me. It's a great evolution to the iPhone form factor and it pretty much addresses everyones wants and concerns, so I don't know what all the complaining is about.
I agree the ad was cheesy but I dont think it will make people think Apple is no longer "hip and cool".This ad in particular will probably do the opposite. A young fresh looking Apple worker that people can relate too versus an ad featuring features or another celebrity ad. This one may actually hit closer to home for some people and that likability could translate into people not feeling intimidated by Mac products any longer.
Problem is long term Americans and Westerners in general will have less wealth to be able to buy these devices. Let's face it, the majority of people are currently working service jobs that have no benefits and low wages. These are the same people that have been the backbone of consumerism, but now they have far less purchasing power and are falling further into debt.    The newly mint Chinese workers are making pennies and won't be able to pick up the slack in purchasing...
Well they won't be getting richer for long because the service based economies of the west are collapsing one by one.When the EU and the US go under all the Chinese people that left their farms to work in factories are going to lose everything too.
So sad for the workers. Essentially they can thank big companies like Apple and Google for moving th majority of phone manufacturing jobs to 3rd world nations.
It's funny how Apple had been teaming up with Microsoft for these patent buys. Perfect frenemies to fight Google I suppose
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