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This is why the "S" version of every iPhone is the best. All the bugs are worked out.
Smart investors are buying up Apple stock now. It's almost like an after Christmas clearance sale for the stock.
I think Tim Cook would be willing to try, depending on how he feels the iPad Mini has done. From the looks of early reports it does appear that the iPad Mini has cannibalized the main iPad quite a bit while not growing Apple's marketshare.   This alone could prevent Apple from expanding the iPhone brand, but if iPhone sales plateau anything could be on the table to grow it's market.
I think this rumor is likely, but the timing is off. This year we'll definitely see a 5S, but I believe we could see an iPhone mini or iPhone classic that will sport the original screen size, a combination of features from the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, lightening port, and the thinnest lightest iPhone design ever. No colors, but a price around $300-400. The following year I think we could see the iPhone 6 with a larger 4.5inch screen. Also I think eventually an iPhone...
I agree that in the future we'll see more wearable technology. Apple was ahead of the game with the last Nano yet they sadly abandoned that form factor. If only they added Bluetooth, simple notifications, and allowed you to keep the watch "on". The Nano would have been a better device than all these other "smart" watch posers.
  Maybe if they mimic the white/silver black/slate color palette of the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini? I don't know, but I just want a MacBook Pro that matches my white iPhone and iPad.
I agree with this assessment.   Only way Apple can grow the iPhone would be to expand to lower end markets, which is what analyst keep saying they want Apple to do. I'm not sure if Tim Cook will go in that direction or not, but with the introduction of the Mini who knows.   Also as you said the iPad market is where Apple's future is at.
No doubt Google and Amazon are overpriced. Amazon's stock is going to crash after the holiday season, like it has the past few years. They always peak out around November and December and then fall hard in the winter and spring.   Google's stock has been fluctuating a lot the past few months as well, and I don't think their recent stock growth will last.
That's all true but I feel what we're seeing now is a correction. The stock was overpriced mainly due to investors trying to inflate it, no fault of Apple. Now it's adjusted down closer to where it probably should have been.    Of course the adjustment has now undervalued the stock but that's the market. Stocks are always either over or undervalued and are never "just right."   Anyway I say all that because I believe that the downward spiral for the stock is almost over....
Not white plastic but white glass around the display and white keys in the aluminum design.
New Posts  All Forums: