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  The Touch comes full featured and fully loaded for $299. I imagine a Mini with less storage and possibly less features could achieve a starting price at the same $299 as the Touch but easily be seen as a completely different device. Likewise an equally equipped Mini would cost $100-200 more than the Touch.
      If Apple wanted to kill in the iPod lineup they would add colors to the iPad Mini, but considering they just redid the whole iPod lineup I'm assuming they want to keep it around longer.   Leave colors for the iPods, and keep iPads separate from iPods.
I'm still curious about the specs and pricing. I'm hoping for at least an A5 in the entry level model and a price below $300.
I predict the iPhone 5S's key feature will be finger scanning and NFC.
I'm assuming it'll match the Touch's specs with a $50 premium. So entry level A4 model with 16GB for $249 and higher end A5 32GB model for $349.
The beginning of a revolution...
    Completely agree.   When the new Touch was announced Apple pretty much put a nail in the "iPad Mini" coffin.   Honestly all the iPods last week released are overpriced. 
  This is true, but I think you're in the minority of people who would buy an iPad Mini for $399.   I think if Apple goes through with the Mini they will try to press the pricing envelope while keeping margins the same as the Touch and iPad, which in my opinion means iPhone 4/iPod Touch 4 specs.   It is possible that Apple will make the Mini just another size option for the iPad which would mean it would have the same specs as the iPad3 and probably cost $399 as you...
Have we seen any legitimate leaks for the Mini? All I remember seeing up to this point are "mockups" and "drawings" of what it "might" look like. Anyway if all these are legit, I hope the price isn't higher than $300 as some here have postulated.
      The reason iPods are a bad example is because they are VERY expensive for what you get. the Shuffle cost 3x as much as most 2GB music players with even less of a UI than most and the Nano has always costed 2-3x more than it's competition as well, and we see how expensive the new iPod Touch is...   And what's with the "limited user experience" thing? I'm pretty sure everyone expects the iPad Mini to do everything the big iPad can do for half the price. It's not going...
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