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This is a true point because I'm pretty sure the "Genius" ads have recieved positive feedback on Youtube, which would signal that consumers don't see the campaign as disastrously horrible as we do, which is good
      It's similar to other iPad ads but it's less classy than the original iPad 3 ads and more generic. Honestly could have been a Samsung or Google ad.       This.
Still not a great ad by Apple standards.
If Apple continues to do what they've done the following years, then the $99 iPhone would be an 8GB. So the deal Sprint is offering is really good for the 16GB model.
Possibly so but this company seems to niche to me. If they want to be more "social" a twitter buy would be better. But if they want an E-Store, this just seems to niche.
    I honestly don't see the point in Apple buying a service like the Fancy. How does it help their business model?   They are a computer and electronics company not an Amazon E-Store.   And @SolipsismX actually I think Apple buying Twitter makes more sense than this.
This is still more plausible than most Digitimes rumors.
      LTE alone isn't a "WOW" feature.   Why? Because when Apple introduced it on the iPad it wasn't the main feature they marketed. The "Retina Display" was. That's because Apple likes to market consumer friendly features like cameras, retina displays, or even software like Siri to be the main "WOW" feature upgrade for their models.    Nothing we've seen so far can quantify as that so I'm hoping their will still be surprises for us at the event.   NFC may come but unless...
You're probably in the minority of consumers that want a relatively thick phone in favor of a bigger battery.   The 4S is one of the thicker phones now, so I would hope Apple would for the sake of their legacy of "thinness" and beauty make the phone a bit thinner.   They can use the same battery and the savings they get from the new screen tech and the low power efficient A6 could go to powering the hungry LTE chips, all while the phone shrink a millimeter or 2.
    I'm definitely hoping that Apple unleashes the teardrop iPhone instead, because that one was flawlessly sexy     Anyway @gwmac   If the next iPhone does fail Apple is more likely to go BACK to a smaller 3.5 inch screen! So far all intents and purposes this iPhone needs to succeed if you want to one day see an iPhone with a much larger screen.
New Posts  All Forums: