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Most people don't use street view often and a lot of people don't know its even available on their phones. This will be a non-issue for most people.
    Looks like proof the iPhone Nano is coming and that the 2 tone 6th gen iPhone leaks are real... /s.   But seriously this does add some plausibility to the leaks and rumors. Plus the iPad prototypes are labeled iPods? Interesting?
Currently Apple and Google's 3D solutions only have images of major cities and there are a lot of little main streets across America that have street view which even surprises me at times.
Apple will always have plenty of 3rd party mapping apps, and some are better than Google Maps. Plus I'm pretty sure Google will still offer their Maps app on iOS because they demoed their software on an iPad of all things.
Fact is 99% of cities won't have a 3D map and THAT'S what makes it pointless to most people. Street View in this case is superior because even small towns have street view images.
Apples 3D looks better but it needs to be because theres no street view. The more detail the better. Hopefully midsize and smaller cities will be added to Apple's 3D Maps.
Facebook at least already has an independent App Platform that already has most of the Games that iPhone owners love.   What would make it unique? Teens can have everything they want and use in their pockets. Music via Spotify, Games, Notes, Messaging independent of the Cell providers. Lots to love for FB addicts and light core Smart Phone users (i.e. kids).   Only way it'll succeed is if its free, which it likely will be. My question is if it will be Android based or...
A Facebook phone may actually do well if its priced right. All of the games and apps most kids play are on FB now so for most kids an FB phone with Angry Birds and texting could be very attractive. Big thing would be pricing and if HTC actually makes it look "cool" and attractive which I think HTC is not capable of in the slightest
Even so both will linger around just like Yahoo, and somehow after all these years Yahoo is still one of the most visited sites on the net.   Instagram is the new "it" social network and FB was smart to buy them, but they have no ads and no revenue stream at the moment but now have 80 million users.
FB is becoming a direct competitor to Apple and Google now with their App store and rumored hardware devices.
New Posts  All Forums: