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  This.   This is probably an iPod Touch or all new model that replaces the Touch.   Not sure if it will be marketed or branded as an "iPad Mini" and most of the photos floating around show what looks like a 3:2 screen ratio.
I might be the only one, but I hope Apple announces an iPhone exclusively for pre-paid networks based on the 3GS, but with CDMA and GSM compatibility.   Sold for $199 contract free announced at the event and launched alongside the iPhone 5.
Well people were clamoring for pay raises and this looks to be the result. Pay goes up 25% part time hours and staff go down 25%.   Apple has to keep up with insane investor estimates for profit and we can see where the cuts are going to start
The new iPad was definitely just an incremental step from the 2 thats sole purpose is marketing PR. "NEW iPAD WITH LTE AND RETINA!" Big buzz word features that don't do much in the day to day, but still people like hearing buzz words and buzz words never hurt sales.
That echos back to the time when Apple had fun iPod commercials in comparison to the more classy Mac commercials. But I do like when Apple tries new things like with the "Get a Mac" campaign.   I feel they tried to step out into the fun space for the Mac again with the Genius ads, but missed.
This is a true point because I'm pretty sure the "Genius" ads have recieved positive feedback on Youtube, which would signal that consumers don't see the campaign as disastrously horrible as we do, which is good
      It's similar to other iPad ads but it's less classy than the original iPad 3 ads and more generic. Honestly could have been a Samsung or Google ad.       This.
Still not a great ad by Apple standards.
If Apple continues to do what they've done the following years, then the $99 iPhone would be an 8GB. So the deal Sprint is offering is really good for the 16GB model.
Possibly so but this company seems to niche to me. If they want to be more "social" a twitter buy would be better. But if they want an E-Store, this just seems to niche.
New Posts  All Forums: