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This might sound tacky but I want to see white versions of the MacBook Pro to match the white iPad and iPhone.
I don't think cannibalization is as bad as analyst say. I would assume Retina iPad sales are flat and Mini sales are driving the major growth in iPad sales overall.
I was thinking the same thing.And that link you posted is astonishing. Pretty sure the iPad stole this Christmas.The introduction of the Mini came at just the right time. The competition won't recover from the one two punch that is the iPad and iPad Mini.
    Probably the only benefit would be patents and whatever contracts Blackberry still has with businesses.   Both could be huge for Apple.
  I agree Amazon's site is terrible and has been for years. I don't know why they haven't attempted to make it easier to navigate? What they have on their side is the sheer variety of products including many products you can't buy in stores. Also over the holidays they're free shipping on most items was a huge benefit.   Only way Apple's rank could improve is if they magically had their product appear on your front door right as your order it...
Haha and the iPad is probably the only product due for a redesign in 2013 since the iPhone will probably just get a Speed bump.
Apple doesn't need Intel in order to make their own watch accessory. This rumor makes no sense.
This.   I think we'll see the current iPad Mini sold for $299 and a Retina model sold for $399, just like the fullsize iPad ($399/$499).   People will be able to choose between a lightweight functional tablet, or a powerhouse retina tablet in either size.
... and this is why I think Apple is serious about diversifying the iPhone lineup. expect an iPhone Nano next year.
I find it funny you use that argument, when people here were using the same argument against the iPad Mini before it came out. Well Apple proved once again they can have a lower price point and decent margins.
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