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  Apple did it with music and movies equally difficult industries. As far as ties, if Apple could get every one of their authorized retailers to buy into their concept of electronic purchasing they'd have all of the top retailers in the world on their side. If anyone could change retail it would be Apple.
    1) Apple will likely keep the same case design, and although I agree changing the back panel to incorporate NFC isn't likely, I do still believe NFC can be a worthwhile feature if Apple uses their massive clout with retailers to get a full system in place to utilize it. It's a feature that, if it comes with the right ecosystem, could be groundbreaking.     2) All the features you listed matter squat to most consumers. Yes an iPhone with improved internals is welcome,...
Without NFC I can't imagine Apple just adding faster chips to the 5S and expecting people to be impressed. The iPhone is fast enough already and it's time for Apple to think outside the box on upgrades.   But I believe like with the iPad the "Premium" iPhone is reaching a plateau and Apple's biggest opportunies will come from new lower end hardware (ala iPad Mini), and software (completely reimagined iOS)
Passbook hasn't taken off either, and I believe that's partially because it's inconvenient and relatively hard to use for a novice user.   Apple needs an easy to use payment and card system that gets massive levels of support from retailers in order to have another tech revolution in smart phones. I think security will be essential for that system but security alone won't be the "next big" HW upgrade.   Security plus wallet features will come hand in hand and together...
Honestly I think it would be a good idea for them to launch an upgraded iPhone every six months to to avoid the 4S letdown. For the first time in 5 years Samdung had the best selling phone in a quarter because the 4S left the iPhone brand long in the tooth and stale.
Great iPhone numbers!
Not seeing what the need for this service from Apple is. Pandora already has great Apps in the App Store and the Nano and Shuffle still won't be able to take advantage of such a service. This could be the next Ping.
Well considering how many $300+ iPods Apple has sold over the past decade to "impulse buyers", I don't think they'll have a problem selling a much more full featured device for the same price to "impulse buyers"
I don't see the sense in them using the latest tech if that means the starting price is going to be $399.   And there is and may always be a market for the iPad 2 in education. Next year Apple could continue selling the iPad 2 for the education market because the tech won't be outdated and it would remain a very lucrative device for education moreso than a Mini.
  The Touch comes full featured and fully loaded for $299. I imagine a Mini with less storage and possibly less features could achieve a starting price at the same $299 as the Touch but easily be seen as a completely different device. Likewise an equally equipped Mini would cost $100-200 more than the Touch.
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