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When I click on the the left side of the track-pad button on my MacBook Pro, the clicking mechanism feels like clicks in two steps instead of one solid click. The right side is fine. The staggered clicking seems reminiscent to the squishy MacBook trackpad button problems. Will Apple fix a problem like this? Or am I out of luck? Thanks!
This satement + former CFO Fred Anderson resigning makes alarm bells go off in my head. I am no expert so can someone enlighten us on the seriousness of this matter?
FROM: http://www.islayer.com/index.php?op=item&id=7 "Please note: The SpeedIt kernal extension is required to view temperatures on Intel Macs. Fan sensors on Intel Macs can not be read using iStat pro yet."
Hi. Stuffit has taken over the file mapping for .zip files. How do I change the file mapping so that when I double click on a zip the OSX built in utility is used? Thanks!
K - What camera and lens is that? I am looking for a good macro capable one..
I don't agree with this. I think most people go buy whats available in their price range when they need it regardless.. and I'd surmise most consumers _are not_ keeping up with the Intel roadmap. (people and their families here excluded) As well, I'd put good money that if you showed and focus group a sign reading "Core Duo", and then showed them a sign reading "Core 2 Duo", a lot of them would not even register that you showed them a different sign, much less think one...
If the content of a page moves around does Web Clip follow the content? Or is Web Clip sort of like a live screen grab based on the coordinates of a page you selected?
Exactly. The banners are in place to greet the _core_ members of the "cult" of Apple. To quote Douglas Atkin from "The Culting of Brands": "Cults need to cultivate separateness and home in on those who also feel separate. To create a mutal sense of separation your organization will need to: 1. Determine you potential franchise's sense of difference2. Declare your own difference with doctrine and language 3. Demarcate yourself from the outside world and, 4. Demonize "the...
How did you come to this conclusion?
ummmm.. You can put your money where your mouth is actually: http://www.longbets.org/ From Danny Hillis and Jeff Bezos...
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