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Will be doing a back up of an iPhone 4 still on iOS 6, then a wipe and restore from back up.   Will the complete contents of the iPhone be saved and restored, to include texts and voicemails?   I plan to follow these instructions from Lifehacker.  Are they current and workable?   http://lifehacker.com/5852948/what-to-do-if-youve-forgotten-your-iphones-passcode   Restoring your iPhone is a surefire way to wipe out the passcode or password you can't remember, but...
Really? You didn't? What's this:In the context of this discussion, "bugaboos" and "issues" obviously equate, except perhaps for those in the cheap seats.Nothing was implied; it was, however, stated -- and in direct reference to a quotation from you.It's amusing that because you're disagreed with you assume you must not be understood. Or this is just all you have to say on the matter when opposed. And the best counter reason you are able to articulate is the vague...
Actually, the best jokes arise organically and in context, not random and forced. As for absurd beliefs, a good skeptic is skeptical of everything, including skepticism. And no, you can't help what other people believe, but you can help how considerate -- or at least tolerant -- you are about it. I'd say the same if you were pushing religion at the expense of agnostic or atheistic ideologies; aggressive, unwarranted or patronizing proselytizing is unbecoming in any form,...
Although your Jesus comment was apropos of nothing and needlessly insulting to anyone reading who happens to hold that belief -- this post at least has some measure of knowledge and reason behind it. I'll also note that you actually offered help for the original question posed here, which is appreciated. Clean installs are indeed extreme but I think mitigate reasonable unknowns. Why is it so difficult to get malicious code to spread through an installed user base?
Your opening statement is logically inconsistent; you assert you've had no computer issues but also admit that if you did you don't know what they'd look like, where they'd be or how to respond to them. Basically, you've just admitted you're in no knowledgeable position to offer advice on the matter, but here you are doing so, and pointedly at that. What's more, in the absence of hard facts, your advice works just as well in reverse, which is no advice at all. You clearly...
Really? No chance at all that our OS's can pick up bugaboos? Any reason your post directly contradicts KingOfSomewhereHot's?
I see. No chance of picking up any ugly little odds and ends from the vast reaches of the Interweb that might get properly yanked by a clean install?
Do enlighten me.
What am I missing?
I clean install about once a year -- keeps the system fast and lean.
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