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I always love a reason to hate Google more.
ha! If the government designed a smartphone it would cost $10,000 and have only a few crappy apps and two hours of battery life.
A larger screen iPad model would erode Window sales even further.
Do you think the gold iPhone 5S be reserved for a 128gb only model?
Bring Scott Forstall back, if he ever really truly left.
It would be funny if Scott Forstall was never truly fired, and it was all just smoke and mirrors to cover up the fact that he's the one in charge of creating the iWatch. While unlikely, it would be kind of cool if true.
By the time this thing comes out (most likely fall of 2014) it will have been 3 years or so since Steve Jobs died. I just get the feeling the iwatch is going to be lackluster and won't sell as well as WallStreet will demand and Tim Cook will be forced to step down as CEO shortly afterwards. Apple's standalone TV seems like it's dead, and while I would expect Apple to release a new Apple TV box with gaming functionality in the next year or so, it just seems like Apple is...
No need to buy a cheap $10 phone case for one of these since the whole back of the phone now looks like a cheap Chinese case.
Should be offically called the iPhony for obvious reasons. This one should say "Designed in China" on the back because that's what it looks like.
Foxconn is the second largest shareholder of the consumer electronic brand Vizio. My guess is over the next few years Vizio is going to get a huge product and advertising push to equal Samsuck. http://store.vizio.com/3d-smart-tvs.html
New Posts  All Forums: