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 Fadell is really the father of the iPod/itunes (Click wheel was Phil Schillers idea), and it was that device more than any other that saved Apple and set up the path for the iPhone.
It's unfortunate that too many Apple consumers think the ends justifies the means....
While Tim Cook is certainly a logistics genius and a likable guy, but he is the most boring and uninspiring leader for a company that requires inspiration to press forward. Many overlooked his short comings because the Apple machine already had significant forward momentum, but in the near future that won't be enough. Has Forstall ever been quoted in print or video of saying anything that would be considered motivational and inspirational? A brilliant software engineer...
While Scott Forstall is a close second, I actually think Tony (Nest) Fadell would actually be the best person prepared to take on the role. Sure he has Nest, but Steve Jobs had Next and Tony could actually be the best guy for the role even though 'group think' puts Forstall on the top of the list. I do think if Tony did get the postion, Forstall would bolt somewhere else for that same job with another company or start up his own. This is why @ http://vimeo.com/43497548
Apple currently makes different sized ipods, imacs, desktops, laptops, and displays, yet people want to argue for 'the one size fits all' for the iPhone.
I agree with most of what you said, but my point is still valid that an Internet connected computer can do so much more than just being reduced to a glorified TV. The fact that so many people get so excited when there is some new App that allows a person to consume even more tv/video is just evidence of 'old media habits' are hard to kill. The truth is that average American already consumes nearly 150 hours a month of tv/video and that type of 'media bias' needs to be...
It's dumb to think a 'one size fits all' is the best solution. I'm not arguing for a Galaxy Note II size screen, just a realistically larger screen option for those of us who don't have small hands like a Chinese girls.
 Point being, don't assume everyone has small hands like yourself.
Because everyone has the same hand size, right?  
Bob Mansfield = Too big to fail
New Posts  All Forums: