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I just want to be able to play Tempest on it. Heck, call it 'TempNest'.
HA! This awesome tape reveals (starting at the 11 minute mark) that people (Apple included) will fall back into 'old media habits' and demand TV on their computers. Marshall Mcluhan was still decades ahead of Steve Jobs understanding the influence of technology on culture, but Steve took it to the next level by actually making the product itself. "The next medium, whatever it is—it may be the extension of consciousness—will include television as its content, not as its...
I would like to see a Apple Store exclusive (Product) Red iPhone 5 sometime within the next year.
Ahhhh! SamsuckGate!!!
My iPad 2 which I updated to ios6 which never leaves my house and is always connected to my wifi says I've used 5.6 gb on my cellular data. This is a huge problem and I think that some heads are going to have to role at Apple for this one.
AAHHHH!!! CODEgate!!!! My iphone 4S running OS6 says I've used 1.8 GB of Data (Verizon) which I know is wrong. At the office I use my wifi that's connected to a T1 and at home I use wifi connected to my cable modem.
The one thing that's rather obvious in the pic below is that the barbwire fence is designed to prevent the workers from getting out, not from outsiders trying to get in (sort of like a prison).
Every time I visit an Apple Store it feels like 'The Gap' on Black Friday.
America loves to build up their heros than ruthlessly tear them down.
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