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ha! Maybe Scott needs to leave Apple and come back in 10-15 years and release the next big thing.   http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2012/09/29/does-apple-have-a-scott-forstall-problem/?iid=HP_Highlight   ""There's no excuse," Garner writes. "Quality control on Apple Maps had to have been terrible to not get this right. Bluntly, Scott Forstall should be fired over this mess." Garner is not alone in pointing the finger at Forstall, the senior vice president for iOS...
Genuine need for an SUV is great and I'm all for the freedom of choice even when it comes to the fashionista who cruises the streets alone in a 4X4 Hummer that will never see a dirt road. 
Good job Apple! I have faith that you guys can help right the wrongs that are so prevelant in the computer and electronics industry.
People buy smartphones for the quality and quantity of apps and RIM is dead regardless if the 10 is a nice phone or not.
I think you missed the point. Just as automated cashier-less checkouts have you doing the cashiering and bagging, autonomous cars will only force people to do work in their car they did not have to do previously. When you think about it autonomous cars will start to evolve away from how cars look today and will go back to (a more modern version of) the old stage coach where seats faced toward each other since occupants did not have to drive or point out directions to the...
Google = Worse than a politician
It was a secret feature originally created during 'Project Purple', but no one was allowed to talk about it.
This problem is easily resolved by smoking less pot.
 Those are actually science apps for testing and simulating methane exposure.
Mapgate, slavegate, USBgate, and now eyegate!!!. I'm going back to an Apple Newton.
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