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So what country is this 'son of a chip' made?
Ha! Apple should just go for 2 billion to shut those thieves up.
I can guarantee I'm significantly well read on the works and philosophy of Marshall McLuhan. In fact he believed that electronic technology was retribalizing western civilization and making them less intellectual. He spoke often about electronic video-centric media not because he thought it was a good thing, but because he thought it was having an untold negative influence on the way we think.
They are certainly not the only corporation taking advantage of poor slave-like workers, but they are the wealthiest and the most able to right this wrong if they really wanted too.
Foxconn apparently has an ample supply of whips and chains.
ha! It took Apple nearly two years to sell one million iPods, but it took them one weekend to sell around 5 million iPhone 5's. So Apple/Foxconn can't keep up? I guess they need to bus in some more poor Chinese slave-workers to fill demand than dispose of them once they get caught up on the orders. There is always a dark side to when an empire is being built , and make no mistake Apple's huge success (maybe the first trillion dollar corporation) of making wonderfully...
"Every age has its massive moral blind spots. We might not see them, but our children will." - Bono
Tim Cook bragged earlier this year that Apple A5 chips in the iPhone and iPod touch were made in Texas, but does anyone know who makes the new A6 chip for Apple and what country is it being fabricated in?
A recent video clip of Tim Cook on why Apple doesn't have their own factory in China and if they will ever bring products back to the USA @http://youtu.be/DGUC8ekdPcE I think it's rather obvious that Apple hides behind their Foxconn partner (gives them room from taking direct responsibility on worker abuses) even though there are many Apple-only facilities within Foxconn properties.
  I'm sure if you lived in the mid 1800's you would be supporting slave plantations of the south because by your reasoning the slaves were better off having those jobs and you would have bashed abolitionists for your same stupid and selfish reasons. It's always those (like yourself) who sold out and lost their conscious who want to bring others down to their level. 
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