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An insanely great video clip from 1990 of Steve Jobs talking highly about Next's American factory and it's use of automation @ http://youtu.be/2nMD6sjAe8I?t=11m42s   This is interesting since Apple went to China to build their products, not to use the latest high-tech automation but to take advantage of poor slave-like human workers.   Look how much better workers were treated in Next's California factory (from a 1990 edition of Fortune...
Isn't it amazing that we can send men to the moon and build, send, land, and drive amazing six wheeled robotic rovers on the surface of mars, but we can't make a California designed smartphone in America? I think many of us bought into a cleverly designed marketing scam to justify excessive consumption of mostly cheap (chinese made) crap.
When people build excessive wealth on the backs of the poor, these things will continue to happen, and throughout human history it's been a very profitable business model to have the poor make your products but history also shows that at some point it will end very badly. China controls 95% of the world's access to rare earth minerals which are used to make most of our favorite electronic devices, and you can guarantee those working into those ultra hazardous mines and...
So if Steve Jobs was still around, who would he be chewing out this weekend for unveiling their flagship product with a major software app that is below par? Does the buck stop with Forstall or Cook on this? While I do think this problem is a little overblown the criticisms of the map app have been mostly accurate.
For some (not all) it is too small for genuine physical/dimensional reasons (for eye sight issues, finger/hand dexterity issues, large hands, and etc)  or for just plane nonsensical fashion ones. Americans spent billions of dollars buying stupid extra large 4X4 SUVs that never saw a day in the dirt and regardless how absurd you think a larger iphone screen might be, it will never be as bad as the Escalade buying fashionista.
I really don't want to see the Google Droid becoming the 'man brand' and Apple becoming 'the girl (and small handed man) brand' because Apple got stubborn on not making a larger screen for those who want it. Regardless if the larger size is for status/fashion reasons because the whole iPhone brand has become very much a fashion/ status thing.
The only absurd thing is that you believe the screen size will stay exactly the same for the next 5 years.
  From one extreme to the other, huh? If Apple keeps the screen as it is for too long, I think the brand will eventually morph into a woman centric cell phone line. Not that's entirely a bad thing if it serves a large need and demographic, but not all of us have little hands or content with the status quo.
When it comes to the size people want their screens, we lost our sobriety a long time ago. Remember many of us buy iPhones because of their superior quality, yet many replace them annually as if they're broken or something. When there are legions of people who buy/replace a particular product based mostly on fashion and status, thinking that there isn't a huge demand for even a larger screen for an iphone is missing out on a huge opportunity.
It's a long multi-decade trend in which prosperity( if anything) gives a person the option to have even more devices to watch video. The last time I checked walking outside is still free.
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