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Couldn't this be a big reason why iphone 5's sold out so fast (beside it being awesome)?   http://articles.marketwatch.com/2012-09-13/industries/33810994_1_iphone-japan-display-sharp-corp   "Sharp Corp.'s slow production of display screens for Apple Inc.'s iPhone 5 could lead to shortages of the new smartphone if demand is strong, the Nikkei business daily reported Friday without citing sources. The report said engineers from Apple and Taiwan's Hon Hai Precision Industry...
I don't think the Smart TV will big if they remain as they are today because they are not really smart. It's when it becomes part of a fluid ecosystem that will allow it to not only be a comfortable place to consume content but also become a tool to help create it. It will be the Smart Tv's ability to seemlessly connect wirelessly to other devices, in conjunction with built-in motion sensors/cameras and an always-on connection to smart A.I. with natural speech recognition...
I'm just looking forward to when real innovation occurs, because I'm tired of people adding TV/video to something and calling it progress. Americans already consume nearly 150 hours of tv/video/gaming a month (almost 5 hours a day) and we don't need anymore.
This should have really been the 666 phone with it being the 6th gen, A6 processor, and with iOS6, but I guess they didn't want to over sell the whole 2012 end of the world thing and all ;)
Single, dual, or quad core ARM Cortex-A15??
Is it a dual-core? Quad core? A shrunk down version of the A5X? Or something all new?
Entrepreneurs like to create their own companies/structures, not work for someone else. In the late 1990's Jobs went back to the company he co-founded (via Apple purchasing Next) and then systemically took it over from the idiots who were running his company into the ground. 
Tallest, Wouldn't the proper implementation of 3D be the very thing that paves the way for vector-GUI?
Since its obvious that Apple will go retina 16:9 on all their devices at some point, the next question is where do they go after that. Sure, there are always improvements to color and contrast on the screen, but outside of adding (non-glasses) 3D functionality or flexible screens, I think the form/function of their designs have reached their near peak.
ha! Its crazy to think that the current iPad ratio is perfect and Apple is not going to eventually change it to put it in line with their new macs, new TVs, and new iPhones.
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