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Thanks for the love bump Hiro, but really your assumptions are laughable.Please, do yourself an intellectual favor anD watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyCY6mjWOPc&feature=youtube_gdata_playerYour brain will thank you later :-)
Jesus started the most caring and charitable organization based on forgiveness and grace the world has ever seen, but even he would be disappointed to see what many people claim in his name.
I wouldn't be surprised if Scott's is making a statement ( with the 95% stock sale) that the Apple board better give him more visible cloat in the company or he's going to go start his own. Wouldn't Steve Jobs do the same thing if he was in Scotts position?
Ha! Jesus wouldn't work for Apple either.
Why sell 95% of shares now unless you think the stock will be less in the future or possibly Scott is using one of Steve Jobs old 1997 tactics to get what he wants. http://news.cnet.com/2100-1023-202239.html "Ending a brief mystery he created, cofounder Steve Jobs disclosed in an interview that he sold 1.5 million shares of Apple Computer stock two months ago because he had lost faith in the company. "Yes, I pretty much had given up hope that the Apple board was going...
My point is that no way a young 25 year old anti-establishment Steve Jobs (of today) would become a long term employee of a large corporation that's run by a 50 something year old guy who's into logistics. Steve would be thinking of the next big thing and try to beat the monopolistic Apple Co. to it with a rag-tag group of scrappy optimists who have nothing to lose but their digital chains.
I'm actually enormously optimistic about innovation especially with new risk taking enterpeneurs. I only love Apple because of their innovation, but their current trajectory is unsustainable.
‎"Most companies start out probably with some of that buzz. But the data indicates that at about 50 employees to a hundred that buzz starts to stop. A company that was more multi dimensional, more evolved, becomes uni dimensional. It closes down. Indeed, if you go to General Motors or you go to American Airlines or you go to Goldman Sachs, you don't see crazy people. Crazy people are fired. Well, to speak of crazy people, is taking the extreme. But maverick people are...
The problem with your logic is that Jobs, Ellison, Buffet, and Gates where all founders of their given corporations. Their companies acted like extensions of themselves and those men have a different mindset than most because they were entrepreneurs who started a company, not just a high priced employee.I think Forstall should start his own company and make something amazing, because he will always be forced to live in Steve's shadow as long as he stays at Apple. At some...
No, I think it's fun but you're obviously wound up a little too tight.
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