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Too much financial security = the death of creativity and drive for most people.
Hey Mr. Forstall, stop living in Steve's shadow and go make something that's F'N amazing. Apple will always be Steve's company, and that's just the way he designed it.
The width of the ipod classic seems perfect for the next iphone with a larger screen. It doesn't seem too wide at all.
Just fine before he left and never came back. I think he rightfully figured out that if you are going to work tirelessly on something it might as we be your own company and not someone else's.
Ha! Steve would never be an 'employee' of any company because that's for tools. If he wasn't in charge of running it, he wouldn't do it.
If Steve Jobs was born around 30 years later he would never become an employee of the Apple of today. Steve would be creating something to take down the dominate secrective Corporation of his time, not join it.
    That's what SIRI is for.
Isn't Apple about making the impossible 'possible', yet apparently their 'making a particular product at particular price point' means they must find tax loop holes and use Chinese slave-like labor to do it. I'm not saying Apple broke any laws because they didn't, but neither did southern slave owners before the civil war and what they did was evil but not illegal at time.
    It's like how they use to justify slavery in the south when it was legal at the time. If Steve wanted it bad enough he could of brought assembly jobs back to the USA, but like paying their fair share of taxes they found a loop hole bigger than the one that is at the center of Apple's 15 billion dollar future (one ring to rule them all) HQ.  
Steve Jobs could get those who work for them to do the impossible, but apparently making stuff in the USA and paying their fair share of taxes wasn't one of them.
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