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Does anyone think Apple will make a curved display to launch with the new Mac Pro later this year?
Best article ever!
.You must have a thing for waste baskets.
Apparently Apple threw out the rule book into the same trash can they designed the new Mac Pro after.
That's the coolest black trash can I've ever seen.
I love you too.
Apple needs me to fix their sinking ship.
I'm driving over to Apple right now to make myself CEO and send Tim Cook back to the shipping/receiving logistics department. I'll make Apple spend all of it's cash on buying Microsoft and switching everything over to OSX and fire Steve Balmer and hire back Scott Forstall to make all the wood surfaces and leather chairs in the offices look like something that was made in Minecraft (to create balance in the force).
Ha! They should license it to Microsoft. It would be the best OS they ever had.
When Tallest hates something, I know it's a good idea.
New Posts  All Forums: