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One device to rule them all, so maybe a change from 'i' to 'O' might be in order.Yes, the iRing is fake.
I'm sure there is another 5 years left on the 'i', but when the run is finally over I expect the Apple that we know will have become something different. Whether the 'something different' is better or worse only time will tell.
The whole reason I bring this up is because Tim Cook said they called the latest iPad the 'new iPad' instead of the 'iPad 3' because they didn't want to become too predictable. I thought this reasoning was sort of BS, since Apple is all about being predictable with their 'i' products and their use of either white, black, and stainless steel finishes. Steve wanted to call the first Mac the 'Bicycle', and the first 'iMac' the 'Macman' so maybe Apple can go with 'BicycleMan'...
When do you think Apple should break away from using 'i' on most all of its products since that nomenclature has been used for nearly 14 years (Apple TV is still a hobby). Eventually Apple 'i' products will become so commonplace that a new generation of kids will grow up associating 'i' things with their aging parents (like Chrysler minivans and Sony Walkmans). It's eventually going to happen and there might be nothing Apple can really do since often the very thing that...
I agree, it is odd but I thought it might be more true than it was false.
Regardless if you think the toy industry is getting hammered as a result of their own self imposed stagnation or if you think iPhones and iPads are basically digital crack pipes for kids, the fact is that kids are migrating to digital devices sooner than ever before.http://blog.euromonitor.com/2012/03/...-toy-fair.html
Very true, but focusing on the gaming aspect of it and using it as a lower priced complimentary device for the upcoming iTV (for console like gaming) might help give it a unique identity that tends to get lost between the phone capabilities of the iphone and the ipad's larger screen.
Do you think Apple should introduce a larger iPod Touch (this fall) designed more for portable gamers and keep the current iPhone screen size and dimensions? The iPod touch would only need a larger screen and an A5 processor and possibly given an updated name such as 'iPod arcade' or 'iPod Game' because the term 'ipod touch' needs to go. Some have successfully argued that an iPad mini (7inch screen or smaller) might make some iPad apps unuseable or at best more difficult,...
Sharp Corp of Japan needs cash badly and Apple can pick them up cheap right now. This would help Apple detatch themselves from Samsung and give them their own large manufacturing facilities and even solar panel production for the roofs of their Apple Stores, new HQ, existing offices, and iCloud data centers.If Sharp became financially unstable, that could be very dangerous for Apple right now. While Apple might not buy them outright, a huge percentage stake does make sense...
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