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Totally agree.
True, but I think Apple would like to see a world less dependent on Google, and Siri is their Nuke.
http://applidium.com/en/news/cracking_siri/This means iPhone 4S owners (in theory) could hack their iPads, Macs, Droids, or (God forbid) Window PCs to run Siri.
Same thing was said about the original ipod/itunes.
True, but when you're looking for a name to be sold into every market around the world, using a name that's not going have any significant issues either offending or having trouble pronouncing in foreign languages is a plus (not a negative).
If Apple didn't call it the iHD, than maybe they would call it something like iGenius as a statement indicating this is no dumb TV like you had before. This device would be the true marriage of the computer and the TV and it will give birth to our new (even smarter) 'Big Sister' who goes by the name Siri.
Ha!!! I do think that Siri will become a built-in feature of itunes (for both Mac and PC), so it's possible that by 2013 an itunes app for Windows 8 will have Siri built-in. Computers using Siri will be less dependent on using Google and will help keep customers within the Apple ecosystem. After a person becomes dependent on their 'Big Sister' Siri on itunes, there's a good chance they might want to take her with them wherever they go on an Apple iOS device.
Back in 2000 Steve Jobs stated the lifetime of OS-X was around 20 years, so I'm guessing that Macs (regardless of configuration) will be replaced with a future variation of combining iOS-iCloud over the next decade (if not sooner). I don't think the lights will be totally turned off on Mac until low cost 5G cellular networks are ubiquitous and those should be implemented before 2020. In my opinion the Mac platform is going to suffer from a slow and methodical death over...
Makes me sad to think that Steve Jobs won't be the person unveiling the ipad 3 when it finally gets shown. I'm sure one of the other guys will do a fine job, but it won't be the same.
I would like to see a new iCube sell for $499 (for the quad-core model with a TB Hard Drive and thunderbolt) and an iOS integrated 20 inch iHD (touch) screen sell for $799.00. So together you could have something superior to the current imac for around $1200. The new iCube could replace the need for an Airport or Time Capsule for most, and those who don't really want a new iMac and really just want a non-portable 20 inch ipad on a stand can get it for only $800.
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