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It would seem the final goal of the Zen design theme is for it to eventually become as close to 'nothing' as physically possible. As Apple products get smaller and lighter, so does my wallet.
Translucent or transparent aluminum sounds cool if done properly.
HA!! I guess cubes prefer the number 4.
Where does the Apple minimalist zen-like Jony Ive design theme go from here? When you have reduced the physical dimensions of a device to basically the limits of the screen, where else can you go in it's physical design but become thinner and at some point that becomes irrelevant for most people. Is it possible that the current design theme might be reaching it's inherent limitations of visible progress? Larger Retina Displays? Thinner LiquidMetal Outer Casings?
Anyone else up for a new Cube??
I'm willing to bet that by 2013 Siri will become available on Windows (just like itunes did in 2003). If you really want to drop the bomb on the 'Goog', you should make Siri available on PC's. I mean the ipod would have never reached the level of success that it did (and pave the road for the iphone) if it wasn't for making the ipod/itunes PC compatible in 2003. It's time for history to repeat itself....
I think these guys might be in the top 1%, so I guess it's time to occupy 'Infinite Loop'. On the other hand, setting up camp inside the local Apple Store would be much warmer and it would be nice to have easy access to the Genius Bar in case I have connectivity issues.
He also knew others were going to make millions of $$ selling books about him after he died so he beat them to it and his family gets the dough instead.
It was an insanely great book and I hope it sells millions more.
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