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Read the book.
On page 553 in the new Steve Jobs biography by Isaacson it states: "They agreed that computers had, so far, made surprisingly little impact on schools—far less than on other realms of society such as media and medicine and law" The fact that both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates acknowledge in this book that the billions of dollars spent on putting computers in schools has done very little to improve education is refreshingly honest. Too bad they finally came to this...
I think the killer app to drive more powerful mobile devices will be smarter A.I. I'm not expecting true 'strong/general A.I.' that replicates real human-like intelligence, but a very creative use of narrow/applied A.I. that can fake it really good. Narrow/applied A.I. is able to take an element or narrow slice of intelligence and perform a particular task very effectively, but in order to fake strong/general human intelligence it would need multiple narrow A.I.s working...
I saw that previously as well, but M$ stopped calling it iHD and now calls it HDi instead (why would they change it?). After reading the Jobs biography and how friendly Jobs and Gates came towards each other in the end, I would not be surprised if Gates gave him the OK to eventually use iHD on iOS/TV related devices since M$ is using the Xbox brand in that space.
HD sounds like High Definition TV to me , and iTV is already in use.
if Apple gets serious about HD TV in 2012 I was think it would be a good time to ditch the Apple TV name and go with something like iHD on the new devices.
By the time Apple releases an iphone 7 in 2016, I think they would need to start working on creating an all new device (with a new name) by 2018 to take advantage on new 5G tech.
2012= Quad-Cores for new iOS (ipad3, iphone5, Apple TV), new Droid, and Sony's PS Vita 2013= Quad-Cores plus improvements for iOS (ipad 4, iphone 5S) 2014= Six-Cores for new iOS (ipad 5, iphone 6, Apple TV) and Droid devices?? 2015= Six-Cores plus improvements for iOS (ipad 6, iphone 6S) 2016= Eight-Cores for new iOS (ipad 7, iphone 7, Apple TV) and Droid devices?? 2018= Adding additional cores is no longer relevant and a new technology/metric emerges which results in the...
For how important some have mentioned Scott Forstall is to the future of Apple (iOS), he was only mentioned just a few times in the entire book. It seems like most of all the influential players within Apple where mentioned often and in detail. The most detailed account of Scott Forstall in the book is when he let Steve Jobs ask Siri some questions on an iphone, and that was brief at best. I just thought this was odd considering how much attention others at Apple got in...
So you don't think that a Quad-Core ARM processor in inevitable in most all iOS products in the next year or so?
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