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Windows 8 is failing and PC sales are collapsing. It's time for Apple to license OS X to other manufacturers to help put Microsoft out of their misery. Time for Tim (HP) Cook to 'think different', and since OS X machines are such a small part of Apples profits, I say why not. When everyone wants to follow a vertical structure that's when you go horizontal.
April 1st is next week...
It's funny when large corporations pretend they care about the environment when they have all their products made in China because of the lower costs of China not having real environmental regulations to protect their workers and neighboring citizens. As long as the pollution is killing poor people in a different country large corps can 'Green Wash' and BS the masses so they will continue to be happy little brand-loyal consumers.
Intel did say they were going to enter the Smart TV biz. Might just be a cover for Apple.
iwatch will be just an iphone accessory. The iPhone was the pinnacle of Steve Jobs original vision, the true ubiquitous (self contained) computer for everyone and that was helped by it's initial price being kept low because of telecom subsidies. The iwatch will be just one small sliver in the billions of 'internet of things' that will come from everywhere and nearly everyone.
Wow, you're even more innovative than Apple is now.
I don't think they will call it the 5S, it's too predictable. Call it the 5C and give it some color options.
The last real innovation from Apple came in 2007 with the iPhone and iOS. Sure the 2010 IPad was rad but it was basically an enlarged iPhone. So now 6 years later the big talk is an iPhone watch accessory which could be cool, but will be nothing more than a expense and optional add-on of the original 2007 iPhone. Apple had six amazing and innovative years between 2001-2007 and while the last six years 2007-2013 have been really profitable for Apple, they have been no where...
O = Over (like Apple's run as being innovative leader is Over)
Nice to see A.I getting some proper credit.
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