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I'm assuming that the ipad 3 will need a serious performance boost to handle the increased retina resolution and the fact that the Sony PS Vita (which is not really a direct competitor) will be shipping with it's standard quad-core in the USA in early 2012.
Can we assume the ipad 3 will launch this spring with a retina screen and a quad-core A6?
Bono should have been passing these things out for free at concerts considering the HP bailed out Bono's Elevation Partners huge stake in Palm when it tanked a few years back.
The biggest benefactor of the 1983 video game industry crash was Nintendo a few years later. They had a better control over their games which is not unlike how Apple has a much better control of their hardware and apps. I do expect we could see the mass dumping of Tablets this Christmas (or sooner) since even the HP Touchpad can be modified to run Android which I'm sure many will do and than resell it online.
Remember when the video game industry collapsed in 1983/84 when there were too many companies making mediocre game systems and crappy games until it reached a point when many of those companies started going out of business (or just getting out of the gaming biz) and a price war erupted when they started dumping merchandise? Sounds like the Tablet industry in 2011/12 could be very similar to the 1983/84 video game industry.
I agree. GE should buy WebOS as their user interface for all their appliances or for GM to do the same with their cars.
Sweet!!! $100 Touchpads here we come!!!!!!
Yet the vast majority of people on this planet could care less and will instead continue to migrate to mobile devices as their main computer.
Big Corporations like to state they're the ones creating new technologies and new jobs, but in reality they tend to only commodify ones from pre-existing industries. The vast majority of new jobs and new (previously non-existing) opportunites come from small independent companies. If our economic ecosystem does not foster the continued development and speciation of small companies then our economy and the government which lives off taxing it will continue to starve. In...
Steve Jobs will kill off the optical drive long before DVD crunching will ever be needed. Whatever short comings the A6 will have (and I'm sure there will be plenty) I think icloud could evolve into something that fills in the (heavy lifting) gaps.
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