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That $400 Italian 'I'm Watch' is garbage. Their newer one will be priced under $200 and will most likely still be garbage.
Future Smartwatches = Digital handcuffs *when slide to unlock becomes a cost option*
Smartwatch= Digital handcuffs
I can't wait to re-read the intelligent posts made earlier today about this same subject.
Ya, pretty much.
I expect to see an iphone MINI that has the same size screen as the iphone 4/s, just that it will be thinner and the bezel on the top and bottom with be much thinner (making all dimensions smaller than the iphone 4). The iphone 6 would be an all new design with a much larger display.
Apple+TV = Big Brother with a robotic woman's voice
I guess the government decided they can make more money taxing lots of companies who use multitouch instead of just taxing the one who created/owned it. We would think the government wouldn't make a decision based on them making more tax revenue if multitouch wasn't patent protected, but when a huge industry is now dependent on it, they will.
What years were you most excited about new Apple products being released? 1998-2002? 2003-2007? 2008-2012?
Apple's new product: 'iMplosion'
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