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If it plays Halo I'll buy it.
True, Apple with have to create a special batch of iPhones specially for Mexico. While every brand would love to use one name in all markets, it's not uncommon to see the exact same product sold with different names in different countries.
Just call it 'AppleiPhone'' or at worst 'iApplePhone' and be done and move on. I deal a lot with registered trademarks and that would be the easiest solution.
I want all my icons to look like glass so I can arrange them to look like a stained glass window portrait of 'The Woz'.
Most patents today are not broad enough to be worth doing unless you have a team of attorneys to fight and defend it. So many engineers are smart enough to find the loopholes around certain patents nowadays and this is why we have so many products that are patented but many of them either look or function like each other.
All of Ive designed icons will have fake beard stubble on them. Take that faux leather!
Was there any info stating that Scott wasn't there by Steve as well? I'm sure it hit them both hard, but differently.
When Steve Jobs died, it was like Scott lost his dad. He's was raised and mentored by Steve nearly his whole life in business and the loss of Steve would most likely have hit Scott the hardest. He's most likely struggling trying to live up to the impossible expectations set by his hero.
Time will tell if Scott was the genius behind it all or a hindrance to innovation. So much of what people are saying about Scott could easily apply to Steve Jobs during his departure in 1985.
I dismiss Ballmer as being a low-brain-cell-player with a coinciding hair folical issue.
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