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How much was Apple spending a day when they revolutionalized the computer industry with the Apple II? How much R&D was spent on the first iPod (that went from concept to production in less than a year)?. Great ideas are usually not as expensive as bad ones, and when a company starts bragging about how much they are spending on R&D it usually means they are becoming more like M$.
I'm sure the people quietly celebrated when Steve Jobs let Apple in the 1980's and look where they went afterwards. Apple is now on the path of a slow but dramatic decline.
Cook is going to fill Apple with a bunch of gentle spoken yes-men who will transform Apple into a new version HP or M$. They happily make crappy stuff.
If this is true, it has to be the dumbest reason ever to fire a guy who was so instrumental in Apple's revival.
Steve Jobs would never sign an apology letter.
Apples stock continued it's steam train like momentum, because all the products that have come out since Jobs death were still products Steve had some involvement in. It's the next 12-24 month that will be the actual products lead by Tim.
It's the Steve Jobs version of Noah's Ark so all the VPs can safely escape when Apple starts to take on water.
Well, it looks like the Forstall option is off the table for now. Who knows, he could come back and save Apple from ruin like Jobs did. Or he could get the job to run Sony, M$ (Balmer needs to booted more than anybody), or create his own awesome company.
This makes more sense now.  
Abandon ship!!!
New Posts  All Forums: