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The gift is literally too small in this case.
How dare them to also give them money too. If you're going to give a gift from your own company you might as well make it really rad or don't do it at all.
Only iPod shuffles for the craftsmen who built that super expensive yacht? IPod nanos at a minimum. Who do they think built it? Foxconn?
It reminds me of yachts from the late 1970's, glad Ives was the head of design at Apple.
Does the iPad mini say "Made in Brazil" on the back?
I just wonder if Apple will just make the TV just a display and keep the processor in a seperate Apple TV console-like device that can be sold separately. An A7x processor which I assume will have big jump in performance could make the device maybe powerful enough to compete directly with the WiiU, next Xbox, and the ps4.
Is the A6X processor good enough to compete against the PS3 or Xbox360? Or would we need a possible A7X processor for that type of graphic horsepower? I'm just wondering what type of processor would be needed for Apple's rumored TV to compete with today's console game machines and their successors that will be coming out in the next 12-24 months.
All these products being unveiled today only mean one thing. Apple's new TV gets unveiled in Spring of 2013.
I still think Apple will unveil their TV in spring 2013 to take advantage of people getting their tax refunds and they won't be releasing any other NEW products to divide peoples money and attention (mostly just mild updates). So by Fall 2013 the TV would have been out for a few months and developers would have some time to create modified games and etc to take advantage of it's larger display and more powerful processor and won't have any other all-new products to split...
We assume Apple will launch an iPad 4 (newer new iPad) in mid 2013, but there's possibility that they won't if the iPad gets a lightning connector and sharp's igzo displays next week. Apple is most likely launching their TV next year and doesn't want a new iPad released near it to divide attention and people's money.
New Posts  All Forums: